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Multi Vet Clinic

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This is going to sound like an odd question, but I need to know how vets operate in non-rural America. I used to use a vet clinic with two vets and I could not request an appointment with my preferred vet. When you go to a multi-vet clinic do you get to request which vet that sees your cat?

Normally one vet tended small animals and the other tended farm animals. After 7-8 years they seem to have switched patients. The first incident was when I called the clinic and specifically ask if Dr. X was working in the office today. When I arrived I was told by the same person who I had talked to on the phone that Dr. X was not working today. I just assumed we had a mis-communication on the phone. The second incident was when I knew my cat was diabetic (mother's instinct) so I called and ask for an appointment with Dr. X immediately. I arrived at the time but when I got there I was put in a room with the wrong vet. Since I felt it was an emergency I let him run blood tests on my cat. Her blood sugar was 500! Since I had to leave her, I would call several times a day to check on her for the 3 days she was there. My best friend's cat was diagnosed with diabetes a year before mine was diagnosed. We had done extensive research on diabetes plus we had my friends first hand experiences with diabetes. The "horse doctor" (aka farm animal vet) was giving my cat one large injection of insulin each day. When I went to see her on the 3rd day her blood sugar had dropped to 37!!!! I requested to talk to Dr. X and was told the "horse doctor" was treating my cat. I decided to change vets immediately. When I requested her records for this hospital visit I was told it would take a couple of days to copy them. She had onlyl been there 3 days - how many pages of records could she have had?

The vet I currently use is very compassionate, she is on call 24/7, but she is an average vet. I have used her for 3 years now, but I feel like I am doing my cats an injustice by not providing them the best vet care available (Dr. X) in my town. Although I wasn't having much luck getting appointments with him. I wouldn't take my husband's ex-wife to any of the other vets in my town. The closest town with good vets is 50 miles from me. Since I work full-time it is very inconvenient to use an out-of-town vet. My cats have led a very sheltered life so car trips really stress them out.

I think the multi-vet clinic was having internal problems, but my cats' health should not suffer because of it. I am not some nut. I have owned 3-5 cats at a time. My cats are indoor only. All spayed/neutered and vaccinated. I paid my vet bill at each visit. I never called the vet after-hours.

I have really rambled in this post. So sorry! I just want to know what others experience at multi-vet clinics.
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Ok I think if you are asking if I can choose a certain vet yes. My office has 3 vets and I see the same one everytime...
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We also can request a specific vet, but having said that, the last time we went, the vet that we requested had changed shifts with the one we got. I was not impressed.

Is there any way you can call and talk directly to Dr. X and discuss your feelings with him/her? I'm sure they don't want to lose business with unhappy clients so he/she may be able to let you know why the switch was made.
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I had that happen many times so I switched to a one vet clinic... occationally( one day a week) there are visiting vets , I am okay with that since they tell you up front if your seeing a visiting vet ...
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This is going to sound like an odd question, but I need to know how vets operate in non-rural America. I used to use a vet clinic with two vets and I could not request an appointment with my preferred vet. When you go to a multi-vet clinic do you get to request which vet that sees your cat?
I doubt there is any single answer to this- most practices set their own policy, and there are likely several variations.

My "serious" veterinarian is a feline specialist practicing alone. But he is 45 minutes away, so I also keep a relationship with a very close multi- vet practice. When I call them to schedule an appointment they ask if I have a preference, and if I do then the times/days available might be limited.
It is up to me whether I want to wait for my preferred vet or get the next available appointment with whomever is there.
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My last vet was a multi-vet clinic. Similar to yours the one doctor specializes with dogs, while the other specializes with cats. Both exchanged between guinea pigs and other small animals.
I got to meet both of them when I owned guinea pigs. I really liked both of them and didn't have a problem if either looked at my animals.

I understand that you had a relationship with the other vet built up. However, give this other vet a chance and see how it goes. If s/he doesn't earn your trust, then do what Yosemite suggested and call the other one or find a new vet. I'm sure there are a few more people in that office that feel the same way you do.
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i go to a multi-vet practice (4 vets), and i don't have any trouble getting the guys into the vet they like best (and i like). our previous clinic was a 4-vet clinic too, same deal-no trouble getting in.

i have to say i took 2 of my cats to a single vet practice for a couple visits after we moved here and i wasn't as impressed. it was hard to get in, and seemed like we waited alot. personally, i prefer bigger clinics.

but we did go to a single vet practice when we lived in california for a year, and had no troubles getting in or talking to the vet there. so i think it just depends on the vet and the practice. but i tend to like the ones that are quick to get you in (including minimal wait time, as it's stressful for the cats) and those are usually larger practices.
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I also see a multi vet clinic but I only see one Vet - which I request when making the appointment. There also I am limited as to the days & times but well worth it!!
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My vet clinic has SIX vets! - one of the things that makes it a highly rated clinic in our area. When I need to make a regular appointment, I can request a specific vet. Their personal vets are in their medical records; however, when I drop Teddy off for his frequent bouts of diarrhea/URI, he has seen someone other than his regular vet. I think 90% of the time, though, they always see the vet that I prefer and that has worked on them all this time. For some specialty things (for example, dental cleanings), there is a different vet in the practice who does more of those, so they see him instead.

My clinic is extremely detail oriented, so that when someone else does need to see my guys, they are completely up to speed and I never have to explain a thing.
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I use a multi vet center too. we have 4 vets. 2 for cats, dogs, small animals, then we have 2 reptile vets in the same place. GREAT FOR US. our iggys get a check up when my cat gets checked up. My herp vet is also takes care of dogs and cats when one of the others is out sick. So if we want to he will take care of them all at one time or we can go to 2 different vets at the same time.

they are really great, i dont mind the 45 min drive to get them all done at one time
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