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Upper Respitory Infection

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I posted the other day about my kitty

we were given a 1 day old abandonned kitty, who is now almost 6 weeks old! Can't believe it. (i've never had a cat before) We had him at the petstore the other day (had to bring him with us, never will again!) And this girl shoved in my kitten's face this sick looking 3.5 week old kitten she found under a porch and was carrying around in her purse After my initial reaction of wanting to take the cat from her and save it, as it obviously wasn't being cared for well, I got worried it could have made my as of yet unvaccinated kitty sick. I have a feeling that kittens mom was around if it was that old and still alive.

Anyway, my question. I've been watching for an URI, this happened last weeked. His nose is mildly runny. Nothing is coming out, but I notice wetness in his nose ever so slightly. It really is ever so slightly, and only noticeable upon close close examination. He also, from time to time, has eye wake up crusties. Other than that, nothing, could this be URI?

I can't afford to take him to the vet to get checked uless he obviously has one. And by can't afford, I don't mean I can't go to the movies and shopping if I take him, I mean I have zero dollars to take him, can't, I love and am obsessed with him, but will have to borrow money to take him for this and want to be sure (husband lost his job ) thanks!
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Yes...it could be a URI...and the only way to know for sure is to take him into the vet. Some vets will allow a payment plan..so I would explore that option.

Also...here is another thread regarding the same issue:


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If his nose is just a bit wet or damp, that can be very normal in kittens and adult cats.

Is the kitten sneezing at all? That can be a big indicator.
In the meantime, see a vet. Let us know how it goes.
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He's not sneezing at all, he is still full of energy, eating and drinking, and it's been probably a week or close to it since this encounter happened. I will call the vet and see if anything can be done about the payment plan thing. Otherwise, I will see if he seems fine over the next few days, thanks for the help!
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If you think he's unwell you need to get him to a vet sooner rather than later. Small kittens can go downhill rapidly so I'd advise against waiting to see how he as and get him checked over asap.
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Unfortunately, I have no money to take him as my husband lost his job recently and unexpectedly. If he is ill, I can try and borrow some money or something, but no one will lend me money because his nose maybe might have snot in it. I wish I could take him now, but unless he shows real signs of illness, I can't
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If it was me, I'd watch the kitty. If you notice excessive sneezing, runny, goopy eyes, change in behavior/play or eating patterns then I would take him in to the vet. My kitty constantly has a damp little nose and eye crusties and she's perfectly healthy. (I think she has some allergies, though, but they're not major.)

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It is a hard call when to take your cat to the Vet if you have no money. Only you can make that decision, and only you have to live with the consequences. I do not say that lightly, I used my Time Warner payment to take my cat to the Vet (so I may loose my internet access for a couple of weeks) and I may have saved his life, or at least prolonged it and made sure that the rest of my cats won't get sick. When you are someone who doesn't have $ it is a really hard decision. You know your kitten, if she is poking around and not acting like herself in addtion to the symptoms you described then it would be advised. Ignore the comments of ignorant people (not TCS folks) who think spending money on cats is dumb. That's why I just spent bill money rather than borrow from friends that don't see things the way that I do. Or a couple of my goofy children either. Good luck, I hope that the baby perks up and this is only a scare. Take it from me, when you can, get the shots that he will need. It will save you anxiety and money in the longrun.
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