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turning white

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I figured since this is a hair thing, it belongs in grooming...

PJ is getting old. While sitting in my lap, I've noticed she's got a few white hairs coming in on her back - she's a torti, so they really stick out.

PJ is the oldest cat I've had (she's around 12), so I have no experience with changing hair color as cats age. Are they like people - will she go more white? Her tail has been getting white for some time now, but this is the first time I've noticed while hairs anywhere else (she has a white belly and paws).

I love it.. my girl is growing old gracefully!
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I'm not 100% sure on cats, but I do know that our little black dog got pretty grey around her muzzle and got more white fur as she got into her older years. I would guess it has to be similar for felines.
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My Molly was a calico, and her colors did fade a bit as she got older.
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My Rocky is still a young'un, but he is a black white tux, and oddly he has a smattering of white hairs on his back... It's kinda weird. I wonder if he will get more as he gets older.
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My senior Ox was a long haired black cat. In the past couple of years the fur on his legs has turned gray.
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I've seen it happen before - even in older dark color dogs - they get "grey".

But what if you have a white cat? How can you tell????
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