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Sphynx Bathing

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Can anyone help with this matter? I have a three year old Sphynx named SNUGGLES whom I purchased from a breeder as a kitten. Snuggles is, without doubt, the most enjoyable and loving pet I have ever owned. Most of my time at home is with her snuggled up in my lap and "adoringly" staring at me.

However, I am unable to bathe her. Both me and my girlfriend have tried, and Snuggles instantly becomes the "cat from hell." She screams, claws, bites, struggles, and eventually we have to give up....maybe getting in half a bath.

As soon as that trauma is over, she returns to the most loving animal in the world.

Any advice?? I feel terrible because she is oily and dirty. I can use a warm wash cloth on her, which she tolerates, but it doesn't really do any good for removing the oils.

Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.

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Could you place her in a tub empty of water and then go over her with a warm wet soapy washcloth and then wipe her off several times with clean wet washcloths? Or maybe pour water over her in an empty tub to rinse her?

I know my cat doesn't like the sound the water makes coming out of the faucet and splashing around and he gets afraid if the water gets too high.
I know there are several other sphynx people on here though, so I"m sure they'll have better ideas.

Welcome to TCS!

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I put all of mine in the bath tub with about 3-4 inches of water and have found that is the best place to do it. I also use a pre-cleansing cream it loosens any oil or dirt, that way the bath goes a little quicker. Another thing that helps is to use exfoliating gloves when you bath them.
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I appreciate both your responses. We fill the bathtub with just a few inches of warm water as well. But as soon as she gets in the battle begins. Its very hard to hold on to a wet, angry Sphynx who is yelling, fighting, and at times even bites the hand of who is holding her.

I tried some of those damp wash cloths you can buy like baby wipes, but they do not remove the oil.

Again, thanks for your replies.

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I have no advice but would love to see your baby.
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Try using Goop hand cleaner. Breeders and groomers use it for oily coat cats. Rub it into the fur, try to let it stay on for 5 minutes, rinse and then do a quick wash with regular cat shampoo. Also try using one of those rubbermaid mats on the bottom of the sink (or tub). I prefer the sink because it is smaller and they seem to feel more secure.
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Is it possable to use the hand greese remover that says no need for water...
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Thanks again everyone !

Momof3rugratz: I would post a pic but it says "i cannot post attachments." Nor do I see any options for an avatar.

I assume the pics at the bottom of posts are "attachments", but I don't believe I can do it.

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I think you have to have 5 posts I didnt see that sorry..
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Thanks again. Guess I will have to make 5 posts and then I will post a pic of my baby. Will do tommorrow.

Again thanks. We may very well try some of that waterless hand cleaner if its not to harsh for her skin. She will hold still and let me wipe her down....and long as its no where around a bathtub or water
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LOL sounds like my cat
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hehe, most of my cats I've had over the years have been adamantly AGAINST being bathed.... That's with trying to start as young kittens, and all that. Some of 'em just don't want ya to do that, ya know...

In their minds, water is only for DRINKING! Not to be stepped in, put on THEM, or any other such thing.
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They make bathing bags for cats! This is an example of one . They are suppose to work really good. To post poictures load them into a account. Then use the img address for the pictures to load them up here! -kd
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My first cat Mitten was terrified of water - he'd have a heart attack if you put him in water. I used the waterless shampoo on him but also gave him a few "sponge" baths.

Those consisted in putting him in the tub with no water and having a bucket of water next to him. I'd wet him with a washcloth (talking to him gently the entire time). Then I could use a small amount of soap to rub in and wash him. After that I'd use the rest of the bucket and cupfull (or washcloth) for rinsing.

Try putting your cat in an empty tub or the kitchen sink with a bucket of water and wash him that way.
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What I do when I have to give one of my kitties a bath is 1) get a helper 2) one of us, usually me, holds the cat by his/her scruff to immobilize her and the other speed shampoos we do it in the kitchen sink too
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I appreciate your replies and we will try some this weekend.

I posted some pics of my Sphynx SNUGGLES and her brother, our 3 year old ragdoll, in the picture section...can't remember the forum now but its a subsection of another forum.

Thanks again.

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