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D.T. for Saturday

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Hi, all! Happy long weekend! Western PA is finally warming up again and Monday should be a great day for a cookout. My daughter's birthday is coming up, and we'd like to have some "different," but easy picnic food. We'll have her party on Monday also. (She's an adult.) Any ideas? It's too early for corn. Steak is too expensive for the whole family. So it will be hot dogs and hamburgers. But what about the other dishes? Any ideas? I hope you all have a great family day!
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Morning Jeanie!!!
This isn't exactly different, but I'd have to go with the potato salad!!!

Today it is supposed to rain here off and on all day. ick.

I am getting a perm today at 12:30. I have hair down to my waist, so it takes about 2 hours to do it all. (Spiral)

Then tonight, my brother from Littleton, Colo. is back, to put flowers on mom & dad's graves for Memorial Day, so we are going out for supper with him and my other brother who lives here. My third brother from KY, couldn't make it back, but other than that, the whole family will be together. Wish Steve could have made it back, though, too.
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Good morning!

It's a nice sunny morning here on this side of the mountains, a wonderful change from the near white out conditions I experienced on my way to work yesterday!

I have no plans for the day, which is SO nice! However, I may (or may not!) get around to cleaning the house, and installing the new garbage disposal. (I can't get anyone ELSE to do it! ) Oh, and isn't there a NASCAR race on today? I'll have to watch that.

Jeanie, I'm with Debby ~ potato salad would be really good with hamburgers and hot dogs! It makes me want to whip up a batch just thinking about it.

Debby, I used to get spiral perms too, back when I had really long hair. I hope you enjoy your "you" time.

Have a great day, everyone!
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Thanks! I can't stand the smell though! I heard somewhere that pregnant woman shouldn't get perms, but I think it is just an old wives tale, but just curious if anyone knows for sure. I can't see where it would hurt.
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I think the rule of thumb now-a-days is to wait until after the first trimester "just in case". But it's been a long time (13 years!) since I was pregnant, so things may have changed since then.
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Happy weekend! I have to work swing shift both days. Bill & I are both off Monday, though. Shopping!!! KMart has a really good sale on shorts & T-shirts and I'm going to bail my purple sofa out of layaway. My mom will be sooo jealous! She's, already, tried to steal some of my knickknacks. Good thing that she's in a wheelchair - my house might be bare!
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Instead of hotdog and hamburgers, why don't you pick up some chicken breast and marinate it then BBQ it. That is always a nice healthy alternative. Not much happening here today - went to Petsmart to pick up a few necessities. Hope everyone has a good day!
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Hi everyone. I'm about 1 hour late for Saturday, but thats ok. I went to my mom's today for a bbq. I had a really good time. I don't have any other plans for the weekend, except maybe going to see a movie with hubby tonight. Have a great weekend everyone! :daisy:
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