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The reason I hate the rain

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I'm all weepy today because it's rainy & nasty out. This kind of weather always makes me sad.
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Awe, well hopefully it won't be rainy for long.

rainy days are my favorite. They're purrrfect for me and my Yen to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a good book.
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Aww, I kind of wish it were that kind of day here, I love LOVE the rain. We should trade weathers!
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It's rainy and miserable here today too, supposed to last for the next 3 or 4 days. Just think of it this way though, you can stay in and pamper yourself with a nice warm bath and a good book
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Its like that today here too - windy, COLD, but no rain yet. It seriously feels like a fall day

Cuddle up with a kitty, that always makes me feel better
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It's rainy and miserable here today as well - but I'm at work so I'd rather it happen then than on the weekends. I always try to look at the bright side - the flowers will be really beautiful after all the wonderful rain.
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Yup! Rainy here...luckily I'm at work inside an office with out windows, so I don't know if its still raining or if its cloudy outside.

Try going to tanning salons for about 5 minutes on days like these. That's suppose to help replenish some nutrients lost from the sun!
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It rained here yesterday. I just wanted to stay at home and sleep all day!
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We've been having lovly weather over the past week. . But knowing our country's weather, I daresay it won't last long.
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Its like that today here too - windy, COLD, but no rain yet. It seriously feels like a fall day

Cuddle up with a kitty, that always makes me feel better
IMO, it's seriously crappy outside today, and I just heard they had winter storm warning out for somewhere. Either northern Minnesota or northern Wisconsin. YUCK!!!!!!

What happened to spring!

P.S. Sanctie, Minnesota/Wisconsin weather is WEIRD weather! Trust me, you don't want it.
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DH and I drove to "The Flower Factory" a HUGH perennial nursery about 20 minutes from Madison, WI. Due to high winds we took the car instead of the truck. No one was shopping today!!! We got lucky and it was lightly drizzling when we where there. Bought 90 plants for various clients including about 25 for us!! It rained all the way down and back (about 291 miles). Right now it is a steamy 40 degrees with yes snow predicted in Northern Wisconsin. We also got 1 1/2 inches of rain so far. What a crummy day!!
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Honey and I went to do our running today and it's a balmy 55 degrees and rainy. I hate the rain, especially if I'm sad already. It just makes my want to get under the covers and hide.
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OK, I am one of those who loves the rain! Of course, I grew up in Oregon's Willamette Valley, so I guess one could say that it is part of my natural habitat!
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I live across the road from an open field, so I didn't appreciate it too much last night when a gusty cold north wind and lots of rain kept beating against my window and waking me up. Cold north winds in May?????? Phewy!!!!!!

This morning the temperature is a lovely and balmy 36 degrees, with even more rain on the way. And tomorrow doesn't look any better!


Arizona....Here I come!
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EW, I hate rain too..they say we need it, but I certainly don't need it.
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It was beautiful and sunny this morning, and I went out dressed accordingly. While I was in the supermarket a thunderstorm brewed up, and when I came out it was hammering down. I have to get a taxi home, and the queue was long and slow moving, as Chester races were on, and the traffic was bad.

I had to stand in skirt and blouse in the teaming rain for half an hour. thunder and lightening flashing. Luckily it was quite warm, so wasn't as bad as it could be.

I have never been so wet in my life, I could feel the water running down my back, and had to change all my clothes when I came home. All the packages in my bags were soggy, I had to put some on a shelf in the oven with it on, and the door open to dry them out. What a fun day I had.
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We are up to 2.5 inches of rain. I had a job to look at this am-lovely in the rain(I got the job) and have to postpone the start of my big commercial project for who knows how many day!!! (no work=no income!) Plus I had to buy plants in the rain today too!! (but it was other people's money!!)
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Yeah, I don't know what it is about this particular rain that is hanging over all of us (same's huge!), but it's kicking my butt too. I have zero energy, and I've been feeling blue today.

Maybe because it's spring, and this rain is constant with a frigid strong wind? It's miserable, and I can't get warm.
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The weatherman said this front is stalled over Lake MI and we are having "lake effect rain"!! He also said if we lived in the southern part of the US and if the barometric pressure was lower it would be classifed as a hurricaine!!! At the tip of Door County in WI they recorded wind gusts at 71mph!!! We have smaller branches all over the place in our yard but didn't lose power!!
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We needed the rain. But after 5 days of rain we have had enough!. I can actually see my garden growing daily. Rain the poor man's ferilizer. But enough. I'm ready for some sun . The weather man said rain through Tuesday. That will be 9 days of rain. I wanted some sun for Mothers day. I have 200 Tuberous Begonias I always plant on Mothers day.( mothers day present) Plus a bunch of other annuals to get planted. Not to mention the grass is growing like mad in this rain,and needs to be mowed!
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Well, it looks like the rain might actually stop for a day or two next week, but then it starts right up again! YUCK!!!!!!
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I like the rain, gives you the perfect excuse to stay in and read a book!
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