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OMG She is full.. Poor Skittles.

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Well Skittles is now home from the vet and well we know why she is not eating. She has no room On the xray this time there was 9 for sure skeletons and 3 that are over lapping others. He said he can not count them all because they are overlapping. He said we well still give her till May 20th but he thinks no more then 5 days. But like he said he does not want to take the kittens if he does not have to. He did say that he could guarantee at least 1 breech because there is no room to move. He showed me her tummy it is so small and squished. He said her liver is crowded and the poor kidneys where covered. He told me do not wait more then 45 min between her kittens because there is so many. He is worried if she does not eat so I have to try to get her to eat. She is not skinny and she had gained little over 5 lbs. He said it was a lot of with to gain then he took the xray and said a bad word LOL. He said I think we have the problem pregnancy. He said she is so big that she is uncomfortable to walk. SO looks like I will have my hands full. He did say it is possible there is a few that wont make it because of being malnourished in the womb. He said to weight all of them and to make sure I keep super close eye on the. He gave me a can of KMR and a bottle. FREE...My bill 68.00
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Oh! Poor Skittles is right! I really hope you don't loose any kittens & all goes well. Skittles must be one tough mama. Good Luck with it all to you & Skittles!
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WOW! 9 Kittens!!! You sure are going to have your hands full,LOL .Will there even be enough nipples for all of them? Hopefully she will eat and all will be well. Please keep us updated....

Your vet bill was awfully cheap to have gotten an x-ray and a visit...my vet charges $40 for a visit and $90 for an x-ray
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I know it was cheap. I love my vet. This time I could not take the xray I want to. It was cool to see all these babies but scary because he could not get an accurate account Can only Guarantee 9 but says there is 3 other skelatons but are overlaping. I just want her healthy. He said she has 8 nipples so yes she will have to feed alot to make sure they all eat.
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I think Skittle show be put on bed rest for the remander of her pregnacy. What a Mom she is already. Hey, maybe they'll come on Mother's day. What a present. I hope everything goes as planned and that all her babies are healthy. Best of luck to you and Skittles.
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LOL The vet said the same thing HEHEHE. Her teets are filling up. She does nothing but lay LOL
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Good Grief, poor thing. That popa cat sure did a good job I hope all goes well but at least you know in advance. Wouldn't it be a shock to wake up to all those kittens.
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That it would of. OMG I hope she does ok.
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I am worried about Skittles... Please do everything you can to get her to eat. That is so important. Cats can't go long without eating and I would imagine being pregnant is even more dangerous. Also, will you have a way to get in touch with your vet after hours in case there is a problem during the delivery?
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Wow... just... wow.
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WOWIE, 9 kittens...holy cow, no wonder she is soooooooooo big. Your vet sounds super awesome. My vet is 50 bucks just for a visit or phone call.

5 days, how exciting!!!!!!!!! I hope they come soon and healthy!!!!
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WOW OMG 9-12+ kittens. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GL to you and skittles. hope she goes in the next 5 days so she doesn't get TOO much bigger. poor thing looks ready to pop already! Keep us updated. Sounds close with her nipples starting to fill. And glad she is eating now. maybe she is eating to build up her strength!
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wow that is alot of babies!! I hope she does ok...I hope she goes into labor soon. That must be really hard on her to carry all those little ones. I am sending healthy vibes and prayers your way! Good Luck!
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Now that is a lot of kittens!

Best wishes to your Skittles and her baby skittlettes!!
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I hope she will be okay. 9-12 kittens! Will you even recognize her after birth? Good luck...
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She is acting different the last 25 hours. She is really playful not for the vet. She has eaten ALOT... And she is laying in the living room with me and the dog and my son. Usually she is under the bed all day except for her 20 min window breaks while sitting on my head. Today she ate all of her 6oz of wet food over a 4 hr period and is nibbling on her dry alot. Vet said she is going to do this because her tummy right now is squished and the size of a penny.. She had no temp. So far her weight gain is 5.7 or 5.8 lbs cant recall I remember it was 4 oz over last visit. So she has gained. Now we can see all the skeletons so we can count. Last time we saw the bubbles and they overlapped. He said she is close. And big litters don't usually go 63 days. Time will tell knock on wood. I am giving her wet as much as she wants. She is getting 3 scoops of KMR in a 6oz can. I will have her wet filled when ever I see it is empty and her dry 24/7 and water. I will litter change daily so I can monitor any activity and in case she has them there. Anyone have any other tips for me...
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
I hope she will be okay. 9-12 kittens! Will you even recognize her after birth? Good luck...
BTW Pudge I love your picture. The coloring stands out..

oops high jacked my own thread LOL...
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Poor Skittles, I hope the labor goes okay.
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same here I am going to watch her like a hawk now...
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Have everything crossed for Skittles and her babies,sounds like she may not be too far away now

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She seems miserable right now. She is trying to lay but can not get comfy. She paces alot...
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omg I can't even begin to imagine having nine or even more little ones running around the house. winter had 7 in her first litter and that was really hard. Litter box trining 7 was hard I can't even begin to imagine more than that. I hope everything goes really smooth for her. I am sending good vibes your way. Your vet bill was really cheap. I pay 42.50 for the exam and they gave me a discount on the x-ray at 60.00 when i took winter in. who still has not had any babies so i guess I will be taking her back in tomorrow or saturday. please keep us updated on skittles. i am glad to hear she is eating a better now as she is going to need her strength to deliver all those babies.

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When was her last xray and did you see skeletons on it..
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Usually she is under the bed all day except for her 20 min window breaks while sitting on my head.
I'm sorry, but this cracked me up.

Anyway, I certainly hope all goes well..what will be will be!!!

Good luck to you and Skittles, and please let us know!
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her x-ray was 2 weeks ago today and yes there were skelatons. i called the vet on monday and he said we should not wait any longer than today. two days ago she found a new spot and today i gave the cats some wet food and some dry and she never game running out and I found her in her new spot and she was meowing pretty good for a few minutes. I think I will check on her soon. Not sure if she really is in labor but would like to see how she is doing as she has been in that spot since 11:30 and has not come out for anything. before she went into her spot she kept going ion the litter box so i think her labor is starting or at least I hope so for her sake.
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Skittles is doing the litter thing also but vet said she has no bladder controll all the babies make her pee
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I don't know if this happens in cats, but maybe the babies are "dropping" a bit so there's more room for her tummy. I remember it well with my pregnancies. Your stomach feels like it's in your mouth. Ick! Crossing fingers and toes for Skittles!
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Yes they do drop and she has. He told me that and it could be why today she is eating a little. I was also able to see her babies are nearing the canal
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Wow! 9 or more kittens... POOR Skittles
I hope it goes ok..... but wow that is a big litter.
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If ya see how big she is you will see she is packed.
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