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The Tiger Jones Emergency Fund...?

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Anne (and everyone), upon Debs other post, I thought that I would start a new thread asking who all would be interested in starting a fund and asking all the members to contibute, say, $ 5.00. Of course, fo those kind cats that are already helping me, I will put back into this fund what you have so graciously shared with me due to my expensive delimma, were that acceptable?

My thoughts are that a bank account can be established where (as Deb suggested I believe) 2 signatures are required to distribute monies. Say, any emergency and costly vet expense that is $500 or more, then the fund will help out X % or something like that on the cost above the initial $500.

I'm unsure of the particulars, but this can be openly discussed and worked out. Just a thought...
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I think this is a good idea, but I really can't have a lot of say here. I live outside the US so I really don't know a lot about your banking system etc.

I do think that one of the most important things here would be to define the cases that will be eligible for help. As for the cat - emergency treatment? spay/neuter? prolonged treatment? dental care? As for the owner - member of the forums? friends of members? location?

I'm sure there could be lots of other criteria and I think it would be fair to establish them before people start joining.

I'll tell you what I can do. I'll be happy to set up a page with info for people and to add links from the site. If all goes well, I would also like to donate a fixed percentage of this site's profits to the fund (mind you, so far this site incurrs only losses but hopefully this will change sometime in the future.

Again, I think this is a good idea and it really warms my heart that you wonderful people have come up with it and are willing to go ahead. It does need a lot more of talking. I know that Rene has some legal experience - maybe she's have some ideas?

This is a good thread - I hope lots of members post their views.
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I am in favor of the fund and do feel that we need to define its perimeters. I think that there needs to be a way etablished for the money in the fund to work for us via investing or whatever, just as the money we give to insurance companies is used by said companies to earn money and cover expense of distributing funds when needed.
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This idea was tried last year on a board I visited from time to time. The idea, though a good one, was finally stalled and the money was sent back to the good samaritains that sent it originally. The problems were, the board had a lot of members, and some couldn't contribute much, some couldn't contribute at all, because horses are big animals with big expensive vet bills. Then there was a time when 3 of the members horses got sick, and there was a running debate about who deserved the money most? It got pretty ugly and some people really go their feelings hurt. They ended up yanking the board- because of this and other policies, which was a shame, because it was a new board and it had great potential.

A better plan might be, if there is a need for a vet bill to be met, then just post the need, and see if anyone wants to help, and do so on an individual basis. That way, we hopefully can all remain friends, and there won't be any wars and flames and no one will get bent out of shape. Otherwise, someone is going to have to write out a list of conditions of when the money should be distributed, and every base will need to be covered in order for this to work.

Like I said, sorry to throw cold water on this idea, but it would take a lot of time and effort to make it work.
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Hi guys

I have read this thread with interest because I believe it is a worthy cause/idea. I really respect all of the thoughts posted, whether they be for or against. If this idea is going to have a chance, we have to consider the thing from all angles.

Here are my thoughts. First, I believe that this fund should address relief of an "emergency" nature, something along the lines of what Tiger and MeowMan ran into. When we discuss costs of things like spay/neuter, I would hope that these are costs that one considers "routine" in the cost of adopting and keeping a pet. I would also tend to disallow costs for pronlonged treatment for a chronic condition. I think this would be more than this fund would be prepared to pay.

As to the question of "who", I would like to propose an idea that is something like what the employees of my school district have access to. We have something called a "sick leave bank." Each teacher who wants to participate donates one day of his own sick leave to the bank. Then if a member runs into an illness that uses more sick time than he has available, the sick leave bank continues to pay him. My point is that relief funds would be available only to members who have contributed. That way no judgement calls would have to be made. It would be a fund available to the members who have created and maintained it.

Thanks for listening.
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OK, here's my thoughts after hearing some of yours:

1. The fund would only be eligable for those that contributed to it.

2. The fund would be ONLY available for cats and dogs (perhaps a little biased, but, probably easier to deal with...)

3. The fund could be opened in an investment market fund so that it would yield interest and profits to help build the fund.

4. The amount given out to those with a pet emergency would be a % of the amount they invested. In other words, were someone to contibute $25.00, then they would be eligable for 25% (for example) payment for the amount of the bill over $500. (U.S. dollars). In other words, if someone had an emergency vet bill that was $1,500, then for thier contribution would be 25% of $1,000 or $250.

5. This fund would NOT be for regular vet visits, or vaccinations, spay & neuter, etc., but ONLY life threatening emergencies where the pet was, say (for example), hit by a car, poisened, became fatally ill and needed immediate emergence care.

6. To maintain eligablility for the fund, a minimum, investment of, say (for example), $25.00 per year would be required and any contributions to the fund would be non-refundable (just as car insurance payments aren't).

7. Two members of thecatsite would control the fund and it would take both signatures to release the $. Even if the 2 are in different states, etc., then a common investment firm or bank where both could go and sign for the release, then a counter check issued and sent to the purr-son in need.

8. It would require the pet owner to, initially, spend the money and an invoice be faxed/mailed for veification of amount, etc.

AND, even with the fund, if someone was in need, then a post asking for help could appear here and those who can, would volunteer to lend support (as we have seen some of you absolutely wonderful people do).

OK, let me know your further thoughts.
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Ok, here is my 2 cents. I agree with everything but 1. I know that it would be hard to let someone who hadnt contributed have some of the fund, but, arent they the ones that need it the most?? Someone who doesnt have the money to donate, certainly isnt going to have the money to pay an expensive vet bill. I am getting ready to have a baby, so I may not have the extra money to give...does that mean that my kitty isnt as important as someone who gave 5,10,25 dollars?? Other than that, I love the idea and I think that it shows how loving people can actually be. Maybe instead of not giving people anything, maybe it could be a small precent, say 5%. Every little bit helps, right? Hope I dont upset anyone, but that is my thoughts.
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My 2 cents, as well. I like your ideas, MeowMan. I can certainly understand where you are coming from, Gimpy Cat, but the idea behind making it a fund for people who contribute makes it a little more cut and dried on who is eligible for funds. I know that probably sounds a little harsh, and I don't mean it to, but I could foresee many problems if we were making judgement calls all the time. It will be a big enough task dealing with the "members".

I like the analogy that MeowMan makes to insurance. It seems to make the most sense for this situation. Once upon a time, I was dumb enough not to carry renter's insurance on an apt. I lived in, and sure enough the joint got robbed. As badly as everyone felt, nobody was stepping up to replace the stuff I lost, nor did I expect them to. $5 or $10 isn't a lot, when you consider that you drop that much in Blockbuster to rent a video.

Hissy is right. I can see where feelings may get bruised on this issue. That wouldn't be worth it.
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Wow... Here is my two cents...

I completely 100% agree with Hissy. If you have a medical need post it here. Contact an individual on the site with your address, and those willing to help out will send some money. Just like the current situation with Meowman. It is less confusing and less controversial. I really see no reason for a bank to be involved. Checks by mail seem much more easier to me. That way nobodys feelings would get hurt. A little help is better than no help at all. There is always insurance. If you don't think you will be able to afford vet bills if something may happened to your baby than get insurance. It is not that expensive and could save you from a world of financial hardship in the long run.
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I tend to agree with Hissy and Swalker. This is such a lovely site where we can exchange thoughts and ideas freely. Sometimes, when the issue of money owed is present, people avoid the situation by walking away, and it would be sad to lose any of our members.

I agree that if there is a desperate need, members should post it, and we will be able to contribute as we can afford.
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You ladies are right the more I have thought about it. Oh well, it was a good idea. Once $ gets involved in things, everything begins getting complicated, so lets just leave it where-for those in a jam-can post a request for help and then those that would like to help can.

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I agree with hissy, swalker and meghan, too many feelings could get hurt, and I think it is best to deal with this on an individual bases...if someone really needs help with their vet bills, let them post it in a thread, and if anyone wantes to help them out, they can get their address from one member (so the address isn't posted for all to see) and send some money.
It was a good idea though Meowman!
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I agree. I think that it was beginning to look like an insurance plan of some sort... and that's what you have insurance for.

I am still looking into the insurance thing. I am waiting for some answers and will let you know how this is getting along.

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Tiger ran from me when he saw the medicine bottle come out today. There's only a day or so worth left til' he's done with it, but it looks like I'm going to have to go into stealth mode to give him his bi-daily doses.

Upon arriving home from work tonight Tiger went hauling arse thru the living room with his little stuffed bunny in his mouth and when I saw it I knew he was alright. I tossed it and he fetched it and brought it to me and I couldn't help but tear up and get on the floor and start kissing and rubbing him.

SIGHHHHHHHH! I think he'll be ok. Thank you all for your support.
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Chuck....we will ALWAYS be here for you!
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I agree with the concensus. I think there are enough people willing to help out in emergency situations as individuals. A fund would definitely be too complicated. I don't know how others feel about this, but if a fund were to be founded, why should it only be used for emergencies? I spay/neuter feral cats, as others of you do, and I think that is a great service to the cat population. I pay for these bills by myself. Is that not worthy of contributions as much as emergency care? I think you can see how fighting for allocation of fund money could get very ugly.
Let's just help each other out as best we can when situations arise. It is obvious that everyone on this forum loves animals, and I'm sure we would never let anything bad happen if help is available. Thanks for listening.
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Hi Everyone,
Whew! Reading through that was like running a marathon. Quite interesting Chuck! I'm sure glad of the end result!It seems cat people are so interesting and have the best always at heart. I suppose you couldn't lend me a Franklin could you? LOL
Thanks again Anne for looking into that Insurance matter, I really think that's a great way to go for those who have only one or two pets...but, has a serious impact on those of us with multiples...it's still one method of aid; although if anyone's kitty was in need, I'll be here to help out
God Bless You All,
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I adopted my first two cats from the Michigan Humane Society in October 2000 and they are truly my babies. I just recently found TCS and started participating in the forums. I'm really sorry to hear about Tiger and I hope everything is getting better with him.

When someone has a crisis like this at work, everyone pitches in whatever they can to help out. I don't have a problem sending a few bucks your way to help out with poor Tiger. Maybe you should consider posting an address or something and those of us that would like to help you out, probably would.

It's off to bed for me now. Take care of those kittycats.
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We did organize a route to give Chuck a hand if you are so inclined. Email me for his home address if you are interested. Figured this would be a little more private than posting the address publicly.

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