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Kitty greetings

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I was just wondering how your cats greet you when you come home from work or wherever. I live in a second floor apartment. The stairs are inside my entry door. Faile likes to lay at the top of the steps, or to the side looking through the railing in the hallway. It's like she is on guard duty.

Molly is usually asleep, she hasn't learned the sleep at night, play during the day routine yet. Sometimes when I leave, they are both looking through the railing, it is so cute.
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Xavier is the only one who greets me at the door. When you step up on the front steps you can see him peaking through the long windows on both sides of the door. He looks so cute when he sticks his head in the window because his eyes widen when he sees you.

Once you get in the door he runs up the steps and waits for you to take off your jacket or set down your bags so he can check them out.
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Snowball can hear me walking across the porch and he is waiting by the door when I open it. He seems really happy and excited to see me and is anxious for some petting and attention. He will sometimes have a burst of energy about 15 minutes after I get home and race wildly from one room to the next.
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Merlin greets me at the door and can't stop rubbing against me until I bend down (which is getting harder these days... :LOL: ) and pet him.
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Opie is, usually, at the window. Rowdy is everywhere. When I'm on swing shift, though, she sits on my desk by the door. Ike, of course, barks and jumps around like a demented flea.
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katl8e- Like a demented flea... hahahaha That is too funny!! I've been trying to figure out how to describe Natala's leash dance and that's perfect.:laughing:
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Mine just look at me when I come in. If Leo is lying on his rug, he will roll over and lift a paw slightly. If it is close to dinner time, they will all gather in front of their bowls and yowl. One will be the designated tripper for the day and run around under my feet while I try to get the food down for them.
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If Trent isn't sleeping, he will generally be waiting right in the path where I have to walk. He will walk right in front of me and stretch and then flop on the floor to get lovin's. It's really funny when he doesn't hear me coming up the stairs cuz he will come flying out of whatever room he's in to greet me, and acts embarassed that he missed me! :laughing2:
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Ivo is usually sitting behind the door when I come home. She only does that if I'm gone for more than a few hours, so she seems to understand the difference between me running errands and me going to work. When I go to open the door, I call "Hi Ivo-baby" or something like that. She'll meow and chirp back, and keep talking until I get the door open. Then, she'll come into the hall, as if to make sure there is no-one else, before she'll let me in the apartment. I've gotten so used to it, I get a little hurt when she's not waiting.
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Before I make it to my bedroom door, I can hear Rascal meowing. When I open the door, he meows at me then starts to purr and rub himself on me.
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With a big yawn and look, "what, you're back already?"
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That must make you feel really loved and missed by Kitty and Casper! Mine used to sit in the window. I don't know if they were looking for me or just sitting in the sun!
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