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Eating Baby's Breath?

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I keep a vase on the table filled with flowers. Puppy knows that he's not allowed on the table, and he's usually very good.

Yesterday, I got a bouquet of carnations with some baby's breath. This morning, we caught him on the table several times. He bit off the ends of several baby's breath. He seems to spit out the ones that have already bloomed, but he eats the buds. The carnations he ignored completely.

In 30 minutes, we've caught him up there 5 times! Is this normal to like baby's breath? Is it ok for him?
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Lazarus thinks that everytime cut flowers come into the house, it's a salad bar for him. When I now get flowers for my wife, I always tell them to not include any baby's breath or ferns. It seems to be the fine texture that attracts him and maybe chewing on it "just feels good".
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Ah, I haven't had ferns in the house yet. Maybe it is the texture. The plants he eats outside are also very fine (shepards purse).
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My cats have all been VERY fond of Baby's Breath and it never seemed to hurt them any.
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Maybe this is what people mean when they say cats steal away a baby's breath!
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Well, glad to hear it won't hurt him. He's snuck up there and eaten the buds off of an entire branch.
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My cats have always taken the flowers off my cut flowers too, including eating the buds of the baby's breath . I figure I may as well enjoy 'em for a few hours, because that's about how long they last...
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both my cats ignore the cat grass I gow for them in favour of dwarf bamboo. Thankfully Ikea sells them cheap, so I rotate 3 of them. Otherwise they strip them bare within a month.

Outside they also munch on several different plants, anything but grass really. They have learnt not to eat brambles, everything else seems to be fair game....
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