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Thursday 11th May daily thread

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Morning all!
How are we today?
The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day here, I just want to go outside!
I'm going to pop into town when I get home and buy some new jeans and then go to Tae Kwon Do! Can't wait for the weekend, it's nearly here...
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The sun is shining? It's 2 AM here!

Sitting here at work having an ice cream soda: our boss brought in ice cream for Nurses' Day and I added mine to my mug of coke blak. Mmm mmm good!
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Morning everyone!

Glorious day again here too! I have to tidy the house today as the Police are coming around this evening to fit window alarms (or something!) as there has been a lot of recent buglaries around the area!

Other than that, I'll be working and sorting out my box of Organic Local Veg that arrived this morning! It's going to be a delicious meal tonight - once I figure out which veg to use!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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the sun has been shining here for a little while, I've had about 5 hours sleep (I NNEEEEEED MORE!!! ) because my body just wouldn't let me settle down last night. I need to do shopping, I need to check the work rota for the weekend..... and I've got business plans to get stuck into.


I want chocolate!
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Good Morning!

Thursday...YAY! No work for me tomorrow!

I plan on being productive at work today (ha! yeah right!) since I wont be there tomorrow, I have catching up to do for Friday.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Thursday!
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Good morning!!

This is a great day, since its my Birthday!! woo hoo, and I just got my bday present last night from my hubby.

I got a new digital camera!! Its a Canon Powershot S2 w/ image stabilizer and a 12x optical zoom, I am so excited because I really needed a new camera and its a nice one. **Maybe now I can take some really good pics of my cats for a new siggy**
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Awesome sig MacKenzie! Makes me want to skip work and go find a sunny beach now!

It's raining here today and pretty much thats the plan for the next few days. Can hardly wait until the weekend! Old Navy is having their stuff-a-bag 20% off and I definitely want to take advantage of that!
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This morning is a rainy dull day, supposed to get 50mm of rain over the next 24 hours.

Looks like it's going to be alot of reading for me today!

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Blah, not a good thursday for me my friend and I got into a fight last night and I left his house in the middle of the night and didn't get much sleep, plus I'm still upset about the whole thing I just feel blah I want to crawl back under the covers and sleep all day! It's rainy and cool too, I love this weather and its perfect sleeping weather
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Its raining here in lower Michigan today....but that`s OK...I`ve been working in my yard for days and i`m ready for a break from it. I bought a cute used dining room table and chairs that i`m i`m going to do some sanding today. (I`ve had enough of that stripper-stuff that does`nt work anyhow....ah, then again, maybe i`m just not patient enough to wait on it to do it`s work!)
This is the first i`ve visited the site in weeks as i`ve been busy, busy BUSY getting my closets and cupboards all cleaned out (and had a agarage sale) We are going to try to sell our country home and buy a smaller one in town.
It`s good to be back! Thanks to all of you who PMed me saying you`d missed me. It is nice to be missed when you are gone, is`nt it? :-)
Anyhow...everybody have a great day...and "Happy Birthday" by the way to you Alaynna!
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Good morning everyone! My day was off to a rocky start, I had a flat tire! My fiance is a few hours away for work. Luckily my dad is not too far away so he came and put on the spare for me.
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Good morning everyone,

LOL my day started a bit weird. I thought I heard knocking on my door, but when I really woke up there wasn't any so I went back to sleep. The next think I know my Landlord is walking past my open bedroom door. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!! Not to mension I had been doing laundry and my kid threw it all around the living room along with movies and toys. I was just gunna clean it up in the morning and i just look like a complete slob. OMG I am really embarrassed. Terrible.

Oh well, for the rest of the day, I plan to take my son and do a grid search during the the daylight of the back allies and yards while she should be sleeping. I saw 3 cats last night while looking, but only one that I got a good enough look at to know if it was her or not and it wasn't her.

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Why Thank you very much!
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