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rabies vaccine question

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Our 4 year old boy, Toulouse, was taken in for his yearly check up and vaccinations on May 1st. The spot where the rabies vaccination was given, right shoulder, still has a nodule under the skin where the injection was given. How long should the area stay swollen after the rabies injection? It has been 10 days since the injection was given. The nodule is completely painless, and the size is around a half inch in diameter.
Our vet is closed the rest of the week until Monday, and while we have several numbers for him, I would rather not bother him on his cell phone with a potentially silly question.
Our other kitty, vaccinated on the same day, same area, and the swelling is already down.
Thank you for any and all advice.
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This is not a silly question at all, Stormi, and definitely warrants at least a call to your Vet. I recommend that you call first thing tomorrow for your Vet's feedback. He may feel it needs to be assessed promptly, but if the area remains over the weekend, Toulouse absolutely needs to be examined! Although it may be nothing, this would be something you'd want to catch as early as possible. Please do keep us updated.
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Thank you very much. He should be used to our phone calls by now. It seems the kitties like having the important questions come up on his off days. The ironic thing is we had just spoke with him at length on vaccination site sarcomas, and while this self-diagnosis is jumping very far forward, it is something I worry about.
If he thinks that it doesn't require immediate attention, we will take him back in, just for our peace of mind. I will let you know what he says, and if there is a certain date that it should become cause for attention.
Thanks again.
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