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Wow! That is creepy! Plus it was an OD. There is no telling what they will find when they clean that place out. I am soo glad we built ours and noone has ever lived there before. Although there is a cemetery right down the road from us and we keep finding weird piles of rocks on our property (not like Blair witch or anything). Like old stills and stuff. It makes me wonder if Indians used to live there or what.
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When I was in my first year of College I was home one weekend and herd a woman screaming. It was my neibor's mother she was screaming in Russian and I couldn't understand her then I saw my neibor hanging from a tree I ran in and called 911, my mother a nurse went to check if he was alive but he was dead. When the police showed we asked them to cut him down for the sake of his mother who was looseing it, but they coudn't cut him down until the coroner came.... 3 hours later they cut him down. He had commited suicide. I still to this day do not know if they told the people that later bought the house. I still have a creepy feeling if I drive past that house it's wierd. There is no disclosure law in Canada so it's not required to tell people somone died there
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They dont have to tell.
A unit where I live had two people die in one year - and it was rented out again quickly. I had wanted to move into it (it has a yard) but the bad vibe kept me out.
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Originally Posted by fwan
Imagine all those dead people laying UNDER your house!

I know its probably not as much in america but when i moved to Germany i felt bad for walking on the pavement thinking of all the dead people under the ground from the war! (i was 15 ok?? )
I think about that sometimes, too, Fran, especially in the large cities that were bombed out. I suppose that applies to a lot of European cities (just think of London).

We have a house that was built directly on top of a medieval cemetery, and we've never let on to our tenants.
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Wow.... thats so creepy.
I think the lady who lived in my parents house before us died there, she was old and probably passed in her sleep. My family lived there for 25 years or so. I wouldn't want to know.
Hotel rooms, well, there was an episode of Dave Attell Insomniac where he went around with people who did night jobs and one of them's job was to clean out hotels and such after someone died, especially murders, like rip out all the bloody carpet, clean the walls, etc, after the cops were done with the investigation. He said if you've stayed in the number of hotel rooms an average American does, you've almost definitely stayed in one where someone was murdered. Creepy, huh?
I'm so sorry, I would be scared for a while if my neighbor died. Meth is a bad bad thing.
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