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too skinny and not eating

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Hey everyone. i just came back to my parents house for the summer. My brother has a cat he has not really been taking care of. Cookie is VERY skinny and when i gave him a small can of wet cat food he ate most but did not even finish it. I thought maybe he didnt like it so i put out some dry food but he would not touch that either. I am really worried!!! what should I do? Also I am bringing a kitten home in a few hours but they will be completely seperated for a while other than having me smell like both of them. PLEASE HELP!!!
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Extreme skinniness isn't normal for a cat so you're right to be concerned. In addition, he could suffer liver damage if he doesn't eat enough food.

You need to find out why Cookie is so thin. Take him to a vet as soon as possible.
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Absolutely - a VET check is a must!!!!

Please take cookie for blood work and a thorough once over!!
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I took him to the vet this morning. They took blood and is going to call me on saturday to let me know what he finds. I do not think my brother had been feeding him as much food as he needed to be fed. The vet said he weighed 9.5 lbs and that all his vitals were good but he did have a slight murmer. (sp?) The et checked his teeth and he only has a little tarter but everything else looked good. He seems happier to eat wet food, but he doesn't even half of a little can. He is normally a pretty big cat so right now I just want him to put some weight on.
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Bless you for helping this cat. I'm so happy that it is finally going to get the care it deserves.
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I have kept him indoors all day (the vet asked me to try and keep him indorrs until we can find out whats wrong with him), but I am having trouble finding him. Any suggestions on how to make him come out of hiding?
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chn either raw or boiled....
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