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Suggestions for a CARE package

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I'm going to send my baby (21 years old) brother a care package because he just came home from the hospital after having surgery on his broken leg.
Long story short, he went to a party where some kid was beating on another, and as he left the party he muttered "blank" psycho under his breath, and the guy decided to prove him right by beating on him and stomping on his leg, which was broken in two places. He is going to be alright, but his pride is damaged, and I think he learned a lesson about keeping his mouth shut... So any suggestions on what to put in it...
I am def going to put in jelly bellies cause I know he likes them... maybe a novel or something. He is 21, likes cars, hard rock music, anything dark or gothic... He is has also just joined the college newspaper and got apointed arts & entertainment editor...
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Car magazines are great! Maybe a few CD's. A bell so he can ring for help while his mobility is limited. If he doesn't have a cell phone and you can afford to get him one, that would be a great gift!

You need something really silly and funny to go in the care package, too....but I can't think of anything right now.
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Crazy as it sounds, that stupid little plastic fishing game with the magnets can occupy a lot of time for someone that age. My 25 year old is proof.
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Oooh great ideas. I was already thinking about maybe some mags like "stuff" or details, but a car mag he might like. I don't think my mom would appreciate the bell thing... I could just see her getting ticked off. He does have a cell phone plus they have two phone lines, so he could just call one from the other if he needs something. If I can find some game like that fishing one I'll think about it. I may be doing a wal-mart trip.. I have tommorow off so I've got time.
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Go to the Dollar Store, too. You can find all kinds of filler "stuff" there...mylar balloons, etc. Even a big bucket or gift bag to put everything inside. Best of luck to him as he heals!
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The Dollar Store is a great idea - they have loads of good stuff there!

Does he enjoy books, or crossword puzzles? Something to keep him a little busy?
How about a video game? Does he have a Playstation or anything like that? Those are kinda spendy tho

How about a CD with some of his favorite songs?

Favorite snacks are always a great idea... I'm running out of ideas....

I'm sure that you will make a wonderful care package!
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He would really like "Found" magazine if you can locate a copy of it.
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What does found magazine have?
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Maybe some pcints and a sketch pad? That's always a good way to fill time and have something to keep at the end of it!

I hope your brother heals quickly!
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Sudoku.... and a Rolling Stones magazine.
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apple juice and some straws lol. just a thought.

How about a couple movies????
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What type of novels-sci fi?? The davinci code is in paperback now!!. Or new boxer shorts???
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky
What does found magazine have?
All kinds of things people have, well, found!
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Okay this is what he got- I didn't want to go to crazy with the food b/c I had to pay to mail the package. I think I spent under 30 bucks including mailing.

The Howard Stern movie Private Parts (5.50 bin at wal-mart)
A car magazine that had a cover story on retro cars
Spin magazine
Jelly Bellys
A little fan that makes cool patterns of lights on the wall.
Markers (for cast decorating)
And a get well card.

I talked to him and he was feeling better- was having some cool dreams from the pain killers. Found out he may only have the cast a few more weeks, then he gets a boot. Said he was already bored. I told him something was coming.. Hopefully he will be surprised. I looked for those fish with the magnet games but didn't find much. Thanks for the ideas folks.
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