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Help! Need Advise

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It's been a while since I've been on the site because I got a divorce and didn't get the computer. I did get all four of the cats however. Right after the divorce my youngest cat Titus was having problems like separation anxiety whenever I left the house. He's doing better by the way. Any of you who have been through a divorce probably know how it can ruin you financially. Here's my dilemna...I may have to file bankruptcy and that means loosing my house and having to get an apartment. Which means have to say bye to some of my cats. My ex says he'll take all of them but Wylie, because Wylie doesn't like anyone but me. I don't want to separate Wylie and Titus, they are best buds. Most apartments seem to allow 1 cat but not so sure if they'll go for 2. The other 2 cats, Cruella and Lianna will of course stay together, they are sisters. I hate to have to do that though. Even though they know him it's still going to hurt. They will be 3 hours away. I don't want them to think that I don't love them or don't want them because I do but I'm at the end of my rope financially and don't see how it can be possible to keep the house. Any advise and support would be a great help?
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you know... I don't think they can take your house can they? I filed bankruptcy after my divorce too but I didn't have anything other then my car and that got repoed since my ex told me he would make the payments but didn't. it was junk anyway so good ridance. Can you file chapter 13? it consolidates your bills and you only have to pay one payment. personal question...dont' answer it if you don't want to, is your hubby paying anything to you? if not maybe you should try and get spousal support. if nothing else, it might help you keep the house and keep your cats together.
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At my last apartment I paid the pet deposit for one, got the other later, and never mentioned it. Nobody ever knew. In the former apartment, when I first got Squirt I never mentioned a word to anybody.

Boo, I agree with Jugen. Are you being given any financial support by your ex? You shouldn't have to be bankrupt over this! Is he in the same financial situation as you are? If not, I would think that there is something that could be done.

BTW, welcome back. It is good to see you again.
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Definitely get money from your ex. You deserve it. I agree with
Deb 25, you can just not tell the apartment about the cats. I lived in an apartment for 4 1/2 years, and they never found out about my cats. At least nobody ever made me pay extra. Don't ask, don't tell is my motto. Good luck.
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I don't know much about this subject, but a guy I know had to file bankruptcy and he said they couldn't take his house or car. Maybe someone else knows, but I think that is true.
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I didn't think they could take your house or car, either..... I was always under the assumption that your balances on credit cards are wiped to 0? I'd talk to a bankrupcy lawayer....
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I just moved from a house to an apartment as well. And they let me have all 6 of my cats. In fact, it was the second place I called and the first I looked at. Search hard, you will find a place. Many more than you think are cat friendly. It may even be helpful to use a rental agency. That's what we did. It was a one time up front fee of $145. Then they provide lots of listings fitting your criteria. (must be pet friendly etc.) There is also the possibility to "deal" with them. There are several companies on the net that provide renter pet insurance. The place you want to rent from may consider letting you have all the cats if you offer to get the insurance.
Here is one place for insurance:
Lease with pets

Hope this helps.
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they can not take yor house. talk to a lawyer. and as far as an apartment cats are usually okay. and if not... money talks!
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Thanks for all your suggestions. To answer some of your questions...Yes I'm supposed to be getting alimony from my ex for a year to pay off bills he made but the divorce proceedings are at a stand still right now and he hasn't had to start paying yet. He left in November and I've been trying to make all the bills myself. I already consolidated my credit cards thinking it would help and my car is paid for, but my house payments are still behind no matter what I do. I have spoken to someone and the only way to keep the house if I file bankruptsy is to be caught up on the house payments which is imposssible. Not to mention the finance company will not remove my husbands name from the house, they don't honor divorce decrees. I don't know what I'm going to do, I change my mind from day to day. I don't want to make the wrong decision.
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You should look into chapter 7 - it files on all of your unsecured debt and as long as you don't have more than 20 percent equity on your home, it should remain safe. Watch out for those 'tv' laywers though. Research them all very carefully with a local Legal Aide society or the Laywer Referral Service in your area! Good luck - I will be thinking about you.....and WELCOME BACK!
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In Texas, the house you live in is your "homestead" and they cannot take that, although they can seize other property you own.

Also, if you are married less than 10 years, your spouse doesn't have to pay alimony (spousal support they call it down here).

I think there is documentation your divorce lawyer can send your creditors, that prevents them from taking further action against you. I'm not 100% sure of that, but for example if you can't pay your mortgage by yourself, I think it can stop the bank taking the house until the divorce is settled. Please check on that with your lawyer, because it could save you a bunch of headaches.

I *think* it depends on what kind of bankruptcy you declare, that you can choose to exempt certain assets, because you need them to keep your life going. I agree with the advice to see a lawyer. Some things are just too complicated to tackle on your own!

Good luck with everything!
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Good news...I won't have to move into an apartment. I saw a lawyer the other day and got some great advise and I'll be able to keep the house. I'm so glad I don't have to give up any of my cats.
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Good news indeed. I was about to chime in on the apartment thing. I signed a lease that says no pets, but almost everyone in the building has dogs or cats or both. I told the rental office about Cleo moving in, and all they wanted was to see pictures.
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YIPPEE SKIPPEE! Boo, that is great news! I am glad for you!
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That is GREAT news! I'm so glad to hear you won't lose your house or your cats!
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I've never heard ofit being a problem for landlord to have cats in an appartment. My landlord has no problems with it: she is a cat lover. Dogs are often a little more tricky. In several canadian provinces, it's actually illegal for a landlord to stipulate that no pets be allowed. They have to prove that the pet is either dangerous or bothersome to the other residents. Find out what the law is where you live. If it is simmilar to where I come from, move in with your cats and don't mention it to the landlord. Once you're in, there's not much they can do legally.I also agree with the others: you should find out whether you're entitled to money from your ex. There's probably some free legal clinics around where you live.

good luck.
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Here in the UK it is extremely difficult to find a rented house that allows pets. I spent months searching for a new home that allowed me to have the cats with me. The owner only said yes to the cats as they were very picky as to not having children, students or the unemployed in the house. What joy it must be in Canada to have the law on your side.
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to flim-flam

I'm not sure that all of Canada has such liberal laws regarding pets. Housing is a provincial matter. All I can say for sure is that in Ontario it is illegal for landlords to bar pets from their buildings. I suspect it's the same in many other provinces though.

One thing, even though it's illegal doesn't stop landlords from trying. They'll often advertize that no pets are allowed or even include that restriction in the lease. I'm sure you know the law in the UK but make sure you don't take the landlord's word for it: they can't always be trusted. (excuse me if I sound rather adversarial but I'm currently having problems with my landlady . She's trying to pull off something that goes against the landlord tenant act of my province...)
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