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Pushing Objects off Tables!

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Help. The cat I am housesitting has graduated from pushing small objects off of tables to sending large lamps flying. Now he is attempting to knock down the fishtank. Buddy takes a running start from across the house and will launch himself at something to send it flying. He is very good at it.
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Oh My God, That Is The Best Thing I Have Ever Heard sorry back to the subject at hand.

ok now that i am done laughing and can breath again. is there anyway you could just block him out of the kitchen. baby gate or something... or just lock him up when you are not there. i am not sure how to help you with this.
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I am a vet tech as well as a fellow petsitter-I have much sympathy for your situation. I too had this happen while away-it sounds as though the kitty you are petsitting for has some separation anxiety issues. If you can-talk with the owners immediatly to not only tell them what is going on but to see if this is a normal habit for the kitty, they may also have some ideas about what might calm kitty down. I would confine him/her to the bedroom when you are not around and I am not sure how big the fish tank is but if it is little maybe move it to a bathroom or somewhere you can keep it off limits. There is also a product out there called Comfort Zone, it is a spray that is supposed to calm kitties down when applied to their favorite toys and bedding-it might be worth a try. If you get ahold of the owners I might also suggest asking them if there is someone close by (relative, friend of the family) who is familiar with the cat and who the cat would recognize and see if they can come over for a visit-it may just be kitty needs someone familiar to come play and calm him/her down. Good luck and I wish you all the best as well as a house that is still standing when the owners arrive home.
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My 2 just push things off of counters and dressers just to see things fall on the floor. They love knocking over my pics and statues on top of my fireplace.

Sorry no advice, just good luck
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just like babies. they will do this game of give me this toy... i throw it on the ground ... you pick it up and give it back.... we do this all day long....

i hope that it will start to get better. keep us updated
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I think the poor thing misses his slaves...
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My girls will strategically set out to knock each item off a table, one, by one, especially if Mommy's attention seems to be focused elsewhere even for the shortest time. Serenity is extremely talented at clearing an entire a table with one swoop from her running leap!
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My cats too love to knock things down. Sometimes it amazes me the things that they can knock down. They especially like to do this in the middle of the night. One night when I was home alone, I was so sure there was someone in my house I had gotten dressed (sweats + teeshirt) gotten baseball bat from under my bed and was ready. I listened to stuff being scattered around the living room and I was terrified, I knew there was a big knife right by the bedroom door as it opens in the kitchen. I opened my door quiet as can be, with the bat in one hand and knife in the other I crept into the living room. The cats had knocked books out of the book shelf and my CDs off the shelf and had made a terrible mess and noise. They can make quite a mess and scare you really good too!

Call the owners, the cat may be related to mine.
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