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My heart is still thundering

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About ten minutes ago I heard Quill meowing on the stairwell. There is a big window on the first landing and it happened to be open and the reason why Quill was meowing was because there was a HUGE yellowjacket wasp trying to escape and it was looking angry. So I grabbed a plastic cup and trapped it on the glass ... well that made the wasp even more peed off ... And as it was trying to escape I accidentally decapitated it. I try not to kill any insect in the house but wasps are another matter as I am allergic to the venom. Anyway, Quill and I watched the wasp as it kept crawling minutes after its head was removed .... I'm pretty sure its still moving. And I'm so glad Quill meowed and I saw the wasp, without him I could have had some REALLY nasty things happen to me. So tonight I think I'll give him an extra treat or three!
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Good kitty! It's amazing how these furry creatures in our homes are so in tune with what we need.
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Quill, you're Mommy's hero!
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Yucky bugs! He was protecting you I bet!
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Quill is a hero! What a brave cat!
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This morning I came home from my night shift, and was in the kitchen getting some breakfast, when a bird kept flying at the window. When I checked what was going on, there was a honey bee on the inside of the window, the bird was trying to catch it. I had to catch it in a glass to put it out. Hope it kept away from that bird.

I'm very selective, the bees get put outside, and the wasps get killed. The more the weather warms up, the more bugs we'll have to cope with. I hate them. Thankfully here in the UK there's nothing too nasty.

Well done you anyway.
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Go Quill!
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Good job Quill I'm really glad you did'nt encounter the wasp unwarned!

Murphy alerted me to an enormous moth this morning he was huge! I got a kick out of Murphy chattering he's not a talkative cat, so that was a treat for me
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I caught Antigone playing with a bee, maybe a yellowjacket, the other night. I grabbed her away from the window lickety-split- that's would all I need is another emergency vet visit
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