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New Family Member!!

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on for a few days...things have been realllly exciting around here lately!!

Here's the story:

My husband was leaving to go to the store on Sunday, and called as he was driving away to inform me that "someone has their dwarf bunny here outside if you wanna come say hello," so my daughter and I got our shoes on, grabbed some raisins to give the bun as a treat, and headed out the door.

Turned out the little white bunny was in a VERY small cage (about as big as a large cat carrier, but not as tall) that was FILTHY!! I don't know what they originally covered (if you could call it covered) the bottom with, but it was so soaked with the bun's urine that everytime the bun hopped, big drops of it flicked off her hind feet! The poor thing had stuffed herself in a 2.5" high little level in the cage because she didn't want to step in the urine anymore. Her feet and belly are SOAKED, as well as part of her head, it was so wet on the bottom. She had no water, just some pieces of iceburg lettuce (which is VERY bad for buns) they threw in that were sitting in the pee and poop that had horribly accumulated in the bottom of the cage, and she had no food. We think she was one of the many forgotten Easter buns.

So, I saw the neighbor's door was open, airing out their just-cleaned apartment (grr...they went through so much trouble to clean out their home, but didn't care about the bunny's cage), and decided to see what they intended to do with this little bundle of sweetness. The guy came to the door, I asked if they were selling her or giving her away, and he said, "why, do you want it?" I thought for just a moment, and decided to say yes. I figured that if my husband was adament about not having a fourth animal (though I knew he wouldn't be), we could at least take her to a bunny shelter I know of.

Well, my daughter and I raced the poor thing upstairs, got out and put together one of our cat carriers (which, unfortunately, is actually larger than her previous cage), put bedding in it (CareFresh) and she hopped right in (after braving another trip through the muck). When we turned to go up the stairs to our place, the guy rushed to his door with the pellet food he'd evidentally bought for her (though it was OBVIOUS he'd never given her any...there wasn't a SPECK of food in that cage). Pretty ironic that he offers her food when he knows she's leaving...what a jerk. Anyway...

I gave her a pile of Timothy Hay, and she absolutely GOBBLED it up, and my husband's picked her up a water bottle while he was out. I threw out the pellet food the guy gave me, as I didn't trust it was still good (hey, he didn't take care of the bun, why would he take care of the FOOD, ya know?).

After I had her in a dry, comfy space, I started to call around to find out what we could do for her as far as getting her health checked. We found a vet's office that takes emergency pages, and they called within fifteen minutes to answer all my questions and give me advice about what to do for her. The next day, we took her to a VERY good bunny shelter near our house (we don't currently have the money for a vet, but the lady there is experienced enough with buns, rescuing them and such, to be able to give me an accurate diagnosis of her health), and the lady there cleaned her up, cut the fur that was matted, treated the now-healing urine scalding the poor dear had on her hind legs, and groomed what she could of her.

The sweet lady, whose name I believe was Yvette, told me right off the bat that the bun isn't a dwarf at all, but about six weeks old. In fact, the poor thing is so young, she was unable to difinitively tell me her gender (I'm calling her "she" becz "it" sounds so

In the end, Yvette was happy to inform us that the little baby has no serious health problems, except for a bit of urine scalding on her hind legs. Everything else indicates good health, with the exception of the fact that she's very skinny and malnourished.

Well, needless to say, we've decided to keep this little bundle of fluffiness, and decided to name her Flower because flowers are so delicate and she is. And...if she winds up being a boy, I figure if the little skunk in Bambi can get away with the name and be a can my baby!

So, our little four-month-old Maisie has a new little friend (though they won't be living together for quite some time...until they are both fixed and have been through a thorough bonding process). Though I have to admit, she got her friend a little sooner than I was planning, little Flower is such a joy! She is incredibly sweet, and loving. She likes to come up to the front of the carrier she's currently in and will poke her nose in for little kisses from anyone nearby. We currently have her carrier securely on a counter so the kitties will leave her alone until she's stronger, and she follows us in the carrier throughout the room. I've let her out to hop around a couple times, but not too much until her legs fully heal (which might be a couple weeks). I haven't tried to hold her because I don't want to hurt those little legs...but soon I should be able to!

Anyway, sorry this is so long...I just wanted to tell you guys all about our new little friend. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them, not to mention the fact that I now have to change my signature to include my baby!

Have a great day, everyone!!
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That's wonderful - I am so pleased she found you. Some people are just (bad word).
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Yeah!!! She sounds like such an adorable little, uh, girl!
to you for rescuing her!! I really think that bunnies should not be sold around easter because most people don't realize what it takes to care for a bunny and there are too too many that end up in the same situation as Flower. I'm glad you found her!!!!
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I am so glad you came around to resue her/him
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I'm glad we found each other, too, guys. Yvette told me she wouldn't have made it through another couple of days with the way she was living. I'm so glad she's here, and not just, well, I can't even think of it without crying...poor thing.

She's so beautiful, too...fluffy little white sweetie. She had blue eyes (she was so young, they were baby bunny blue and hadn't yet changed into what they're real color), which have now changed to brown, and has a honey-colored stripe down her back, with a light brown ring around each eye. What a beauty!! I don't know how anyone could do that to ANY animal. I have many choice words for the guy...not to mention, his son was standing right there...can't imagine how he must treat his kids if that's how he treated the bunny.
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Aw, I'm so glad you rescued her, she is very lucky to have you What a little sweety, I can't wait to see pics.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
That's wonderful - I am so pleased she found you. Some people are just (bad word).
way to go! i'm so glad she's found a fur-ever home with you!
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Thank you for coming to the rescue of this little one! She sounds adorable. As for the guy that had her, it's better not to go there...
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How sweet! Welcome to the family, little Flower! I sure am looking forward to seeing your new siggy, Rosie!
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Thanks, guys! I'll post it and pictures as soon as I can.
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This made me cry! You are a wonderful person.
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That is so sweet! I had bunnies as a kid...they are wonderful little creatures, aren't they. I'm glad Flower and Maisie will be friends...what a happy ending!
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Thanks guys! I just saw a little bun bun in need, and answered her little call for help (well, glance...but its all the same to me).

I let the poor dear out in a room separate from the others, and she was so skittish! She kept scaring herself, and every time I pet her, she flinched. She's just not used to being let to run around around, I'm sure they never let her out to run around. And who knows what they did to her? Poor thing...hopefully over time she'll learn to trust me.

As for her fear of open spaces (other than the hole of a cage they had her living in), I can understand it. She's never known any different, and it's scary for her. I'll try letting her out in our bathroom tomorrow, which is much smaller. Maybe it'll be easier.

One step at a time!
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Aw, the poor baby! Thank God your hubby saw her & called you, and that you took her immediately! I'm sure she'll "blossom" under your care!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
Aw, the poor baby! Thank God your hubby saw her & called you, and that you took her immediately! I'm sure she'll "blossom" under your care!
Aww, now that's cute. Thank you!

(I'm beginning to strongly suspect our little Flower might be a
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If I knew enough expletives, I'm sorry, they would all be on this page. How cruel can some people be?! I'm so glad your little bun-bun has someone like you to care for her now.
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AWWWW! I love bunnies! I am so glad little Flower ended up with you.
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That is so wonderful of you guys to give Flower a second chance! That guy needs to, well..never mind! Anyhoo-glad that the 'lil bun bun now has a happy loving home!!
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I know what you mean, guys...there aren't enough expletives for me to describe the heartless jerk, either...believe me!! But my sweet Flower is so much happier now!
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I had 2 bunnies in my younger days and I trained them to use kitty litter. They were awesome. The little white one would jump up on the sofa to sit in my lap.

I'm so happy you saved Flower. I agree with the other poster that bunnies should never be sold for Easter.
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