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~A favourite childhood book to locate+REWARD~

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Dear Forum members (and fellow cat lovers),
The book I am trying to find I read about 15 years ago in my elementary school's library. It looked to have been published some time before that though. There was no dust-jacket and it had a cloth binding. It was a chlidren's book with many illustrations (not complicated, full-colour ones but more like line-drawings and in a few colours) and about 40 pages.
The story was about a cat who went with her master to help guard an art gallery. While he was performing his job she would make sure that no mice would get at the paintings or nibble on the velvet curtains. There was a page in it where she indicated that she always slept with one eye open to watch for the mice and an illustartion of her curled up on the floor to match. I believe that the cat and master were French. I do not remember their names but I believe the master's was Henri/Henry. I seem to remember the cat's as something that sounded like a permutation of Monet like Moinette, Moiunette, Missonette, etc.

If anyone can provide me information leading to the discovery of the title/author of the book I will offer a reward of 25USD to their favourite charity.

Thank you for your time and help in the matter. It is a great story and would mean quite a lot to me.


P.S. Feel free to contact me here or via my e-mail: daniel.m.levine@gmail.com
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Can you tell us where you have searched already? Also, what country/state are you from? I'm trying now, but I don't think I have the right search criteria yet...

Also, did it say which art museum? AND could it be "The Nine-Ton Cat, Behind the Scenes at an Art Museum" (although I don't think so.)
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Ack! Now that's going to bug me! I remember that book by the illustrations you described, but not the pertinent details! If you find out, could you let us know?
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Well, I found this book, but I don't think it's the one you're talking about.

Picasso and Minou
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It certainly seems like a lovely book
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I know - it sounds very sweet - I'd like to read it.
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I want to know, too.
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