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I am really sore!!!

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I was dreading this day as I continue a landscape project. This is my day.
6:45 load up truck with rakes, shovels and wheelbarrow. Curse hubby for leaving the gas tank empty.
6:55 Get gas
7:30 Arrive at clients house, unload equip from truck. Lay 20 feet of landscape fabric.
8:00 Drive to brick and stone vendor. Purchase $338 worht of patio stones and stone. Forklift put 25 patio stones in truck. They weigh 55# each.
8:23 Drive back in low gear 2.3 miles back to client. Unload and place stones.
2 stones (110#) at a time in wheelbarrow to back yard.
9:30 Get Load #2 of patio stones again 25 @55# each. This time I only lay 5 more and stack the remaining 20. String line spacing 2" apart.
11:00 Go back for last load of the stone 1000#!!!
11:20 Make several trips with wheelbarrow dumping and raking stone. I got a bit too much-just 3 wheelbarrow loads. Dumped where I stopped laying the stones.
1:00 clean up -show client what I have done-he is happy!!! chat for a bit. Load up truck and head home.
1:23 arrive home remember I forgot to put downspouts down, call client to do. Stiffened up on way home, neck, shoulders, hamstrings. Back is good!!! Total weight handled 3750 pounds!!!


Awaiting wine to chill and then relax in whirlpool tub!!!!!
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Oh my Gail, throw in a hot bubble bath to sooth those sore muscles!!
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What a busy day Gail! At least your done fairly early in the day though Enjoy your wine and hot tub, it is very much deserved.
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I forgot to write that i am not done I still have to get about 1 more ton of stone-2 different kinds and then some some planting!!! And finish laying the patio stones. I'm going to have Popeye arms when I am done!!!
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But at the end of the day you are working for yourself and doing a job that you love, and that is worth a few sore muscles. Just keep telling yourself that!
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But I would rather be planting plants than planting rock!!!
Good for weight loss though....
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Ouch! It sounds like you need a massage!
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Wow girl you're doing so well!
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yew so strong gail!
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WOW!!!! thats alot of weight to be lifting!You had to do it by yourself!?!? I bet that'll be one of the best glasses of wine you ever have
try to relax a little

One question: What is landscaping fabric?
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Its the weed barrier. People can use a thicker mil of plastic (but water has to drain) or the landscape fabric. There is LOTS of really cheap stuff out on the market but I get commercial grade at a nursery. Depending on the application "earth staples" which are 4-5# u shaped pins hold it in place. I personally do not use it at home as I put bark down and eventually the bark degrade to soil and weeds will get established anyway!! One can also use several layers of newspaper as that will take a year or two to break out in the soil. There is also a product generically called geotextile that is used if hardscaping like retaining walls are built. It used partially so the soil won't wash away behind a retaining wall, etc... I don't do those type of installations so I don't have to buy it as it is $$$.
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Sounds like you're working hard, but hey, you're finished by 1:30! What's up with the slacking?!
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