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lethargic after vaccinations

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My seven month old kitten just got his second set of vaccinations and has been pretty lethargic since I brought him home. The first ones were given with his neutering so didn't notice him being this way because I'm sure he was hurting from the neutering. Is it normal for them to have a little reaction to vaccinations?
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I finally got my kitten to take some water using an eye dropper. He had his vaccinations at 3pm and had not eaten or drank anything until 12 midnight. I finally used the eye dropper and he seemed very thirsty. After that he perked up a little, used his cat box and seems a little perkier. Still has no interest in food but know he can go without food more than water. Am staying up late to get a little more water down him. This is worse than a sick child!
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I would just watch him for 24 hours. Some cats seem to get a little ill with the vaccinations. I have one who slept almost the 24 hours after them. If he seems very ill today, I would call the vet. I am sure he will perk up soon though.
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Thanks for your reply, Morrie appears to be fine today. I got him to take some water through the night and that seemed to cool him down some. I hope this doesn't happen a year from now when he has them again. Of course he will be full grown by then but imagine I should mention this last episode to the vet first.
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Dear Spots1

By all means, describe to the vet what happened to Morrie after the vaccinations. Cats CAN have reactions to them.

Last year, Squirt vomited several times after his shots. I called the vet and let her know. He was ok, but this year, the vet wouldn't let him have all his shots in 1 day. I had to space them out. The vet told me he had a reaction last year, and if she gave him all the shots together this year, his reaction would probably have been worse, maybe even life threatening.

Never hurts to give the vet a "heads up" on what's going on.
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Please be sure to tell you vet. My cat is allergic to the rabies vaccine, and I found out the hard way. He had a reaction to vaccinations the first year, but I thought it was just "normal". Then the second set of shots could have killed him. He had an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine, and I had to rush him back for more shots to counteract them. As the owner, you do have the option of getting a blood test and asking for a titer. If the cat's titer is high enough (he built enough antibodies on his own), then a vaccine is not needed.
All my cats stay indoors anyway, and I have thought about not getting any of them vaccinated for rabies again. They are never exposed.
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Dear Spots1,
I would like to mention also that rabies vaccines are actually good for 3 years or so, even five! I found out from my friend that her cat is suffering a form of cancer due to "an annual vaccine for rabies!" Please take note. I hope everyone reads this because, I know first hand from a vet that disclosed this to me as well. It's a way the vets and the county's make money! Just thought I'd mention that.
God Bless You & Yours,
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That is absolutely true!! Cats can develop cancer at the rabies injection site over time. Annual rabies vaccines are only used in certain states. Pennsylvania only requires rabies shots every three years. Even then, if your cats are strictly indoors and you don't plan on bringing other cats into the house, they will never be exposed to the rabies virus. However, if you plan on getting kittens or another pet, it is a good idea to get the new pet vaccinated. I hope everyone always questions medications that go into your pet. Trust your vet most of the time, but trust your instincts all of the time!
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Dear KittyKratz....
Amen to that!!!
Here in Fla..it is mandatory each year...forget that!
God Bless
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Both the States I am from are 3 year states. Just be very careful because the law will always win. If kitty gets out and someone accuses them of biting or scratching, they waste no time in a lot of states.
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