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Runny Nose

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Hello everyone-

My kitten Brooklyn (10 weeks) has a severe runny nose. She had this a week or so ago and I took her to the vet in which they supplied my some eye medicine to smear across her eyes. They said she didn't have a URI. This only seemed to make the problem worse so I stopped and the runny nose for the most part went away but not completely.

Now the runny nose is back (no eye watering though) and she seems uncomfortable, groggy. Just last night she was her playful self and this morning she was like a completely different kitten.

Her food didn't seem appetizing this morning so I was going to get a different wet food with a stronger odor so hopefully she can smell it. Any ideas before I contact the vet to bring her back? Thanks!

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She is congested / definitely has a URI of some sort and needs some antibiotics. So, call your Vet tell him what is going on and if his answers are not satisfactory please go seek out a different Vet.

In the meantime take her in the bathroom with you - close the door and turn on the shower full blast on hot. The steam should help her decongest a bit until you can go back to the VET.
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