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Keeping kittens off of the laptop?

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Hi, I do a lot of work from home, so I spend a lot of time working on my laptop. I have two new kittens (4 months old, in my home for about 3 days).

Overall they're very well behaved, but of course they are curious about my laptop. When they try to climb on the keyboard, I gently remove them. If they get more and more insistent I remove them more firmly.

I put some "stickypaws" double sided tape on the keyboard and left it in a room with them for a little while. This seems to work a little--they don't try as much to get onto the keyboard, but they do approach it from the side and try to touch the screen.

I have to use my laptop every day, in many rooms of the house, so I want them to get used to the idea that it's an off-limits thing. Any advice on how to do this?

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I don't know if this would work with kittens, but my cat used to constantly flop/stand on my keyboard until I got a second desk, put it perpendicular to the computer desk, and put a box on it for her to play in.

Now she almost never does it (she gets up there to chase moths every once in a while), and chooses to sleep next to me on the new desk instead of sleeping on top of my monitor and falling off. I miss the hilarity of her laying on top of the monitor and swatting at the cursor like catzilla, but I love being able to type and read my screen unhindered.
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I have just Skittles but she loves the laptop. It is warm to her. If you find a solution let me know.
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Ditto above! I usually have at least one of mine in the crook of my arm or lying between me and the keyboard as I work. Currently it is Dushka, but Ellie just decided to climb down.
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Question: Do they try to get on your laptop when you're working on it? Or is it when you are away from it?

If it's when you're away...any chance you could close it, or at least mostly close it?

Another idea...maybe you could consider shutting the door to that particular room of the house.

Yet another could take a piece of cardboard, doubled or tripled over, that would fit over your keyboard and would be able to be adhered somehow to the desk on either side. You could set it up so that it came up a bit from the keyboard, so when they step on it, they won't push any keys. You could either tape it, or get some velcro that would adhere to both the cardboard and the desk.

Hope one of those works!
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Keep doing what you are doing. covering the keyboard is just more work for you when you are working.

Just go about your work and when they try to get on the computer or the keyboard just pick them up and put them on the floor. after a while of doing this they will get the idea that they can not do that and must leave the computer alone. they will just not find it fun any more.

just like my cat and my bed room. she is not allowed in my room. i close the door behind me but some times she is too quick for me to stop her from coming in, so i pick her up and put her in her bed in the living room and then close my bedroom. she has now stoped trying to run in to our room.

now we are working on her sleeping longer. (we have a furry alarm clock, that wants to play at 3am)
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Maybe if it's the warmth they're after a small heating pad set on low placed next to you will work as a replacement spot for them to lay. Maybe when you move them, you can place them on the heating pad so they know that even though the lap top is off limits they can still have a warm place next to you.

(I have no idea if this will help.)
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Poisoned penny:

that is a great idea, i didnt think about that.That is what i had to do with my iguana. She would always lay beind my computer tower for the heat so when i moved her i would have to put her on a heating pad or she would not stay and go back to the computer.
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You guys be sure to let me know when you find a solution, I've never been able to figure out how to accomplish this with either of my girls!
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I have finally come to terms that my computer and my laptop are actually not mine, but the cats'!!

I generally end up with so many typos from paws providing extra letters - but it's all part of the fun of working from home with cats!

I hope you are able to find a solution!
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LOL I came to terms with that also LOL...
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I haven't had a clear view of the sceen since getting a cat. There's usually 2 on the moniter, a few on the desk in front of the screen, 1 or 2 on my lap getting at the keyboard and of course 1 sleeping between my back and the chair being so cute I don't dare get up.
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Skittles likes to lay her tail on the keys .. I think it is cute and I let her be
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