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i just want to say that if this is not allowed on this forum, notify me so that i will remove it, because, several forums have allowed it and moderators have acutally encouraged it, but some also say its "advertising", but i bought mine from there, its worth takin a look at.
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Wow! Great prices. I might order something.
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Sorry, but this is too blunt an advertisement and not cat related either...

I'm not very strict with advertising as long as it's by a regular member that contributes to the forums something other than the ad itself. I encourange people who are involved in any cat related business to join our forums and add a link to their website in their signature, possibly with some copy (as long as it's not too many lines ). I think that this is the best type of advertising as it's not too much "in your face" and it does provide relevant info to us cat lovers.

So, if you're a cat lover, welcome to our forums and please feel free to join the discussions. Only please keep the advertising to your signature and to cat related businesses only. Thank you!

By the way, anyone's who's very curious can contact you directly by email or PM. I've edited out most of the info.
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hey sorry about that, guess it seems like i just posted up about that, sory bro
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