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As I said earlier I wanted to keep all 5 of my kittens. I tried talking to my hubby who looked at me as if I was crazy He did say one could stay. In my heart I know it's only best to keep one. I do have a sweet one who totally stole my heart. I just feel bad for the others. I know I will find them great homes and all will be S/N before they go. Is it normal to feel heartbroken? I still have many weeks with them all cuz their only 3 1/2 weeks How do I get myself to not get so attached? I'm home 24/7 and always dealing with them. Any advice?
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My suggestion (having recently gone through this) is to try and understand this is the way of the world, in the wild they would leave also. And know you have saved them and given them a chance at a good, safe life.

Then, about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before it will be time, start contacting local rescue groups about fostering for them, and start all over with a new group you can happily send on their when they are ready.

That helped me immensely.

And there's nothing like having kittens in the house forever!
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It is normal for the heartbreak, but knowing they have good homes is what counts. Financially it is a strain to care for that many cats...
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It is just like babysitting for someone else's kitty. Or maybe more like letting your kids grow up and leave home when the time comes. Will loving them any less while they are here help you let go? I don't think so. Enjoy every precious minute of their kittenhood, and take pics. Send copies of their baby pics with their new family, and ask for occasional updates.

But it is good to share the love. Think how happy other families will be to have such loving kittens!

I have cried when giving up kittens or puppies sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. It always hurts some, but it is so worth having known each sweet precious little baby for a short time, and being able to give them a good loving start in life.
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If you don't have any other cats in your house (you didn't mention) you should try and convince your husband that it would be better to keep 2. Two kittens keep each other company and entertained. Just a thought.
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it is VERY normal to be heartbroken. Just think of the joy you are giving someone else with one of the new kitties.

IK me and my kids will be heartbroken when we have to give ours away (and my kitty is newly preg. but already preparing for the time and getting my oldest ready for it. as she is convinced we will be able to keep 1. and we already have 4 cats, 2 dogs and 5 birds so enough. ) But knowing I will make someone else as happy as I was ever time we got a new baby will make it worth it.
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