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Sympathy Please

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I broke a tooth last week and I have just been to the dentist to have the root dug out!!!!!! So could I have some hugs please.

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Oh dear!!, that sounds so painful!!, Reilly and I send you many cyber hugs
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OUCH!!!! Wow-that made my mouth hurt just reading that. Uggh, so sorry that happened. I am sending many HUGS to you!!!
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ohhh thats terrible

but hey its cool you have a dentist
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Is it a root canal your having?. I'm getting one done on the 24th. My tooth hasn't snapped off but the fillings too near the nerve so i feel it sometimes when i eat
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No it broke too near the gum for them to do anything but take the root out.
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Thanks for the hugs, especialy the Reilly hug, I think he is beautiful.
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More hugs for you!!

Hang in there!
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Poor thing!!
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Oooh nasty - I have a broken tooth that the dentist has managed to keep stable for a while on the grounds that it will also need to be dug out at gum level if he has to do anything.

Big hugs for you - you need to be pampered tonight
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Ick, poor you!

My Mum broke her tooth at the beginning of the year (luckily it had no nerve left) but she had to have quite a bit done! So I can completely feel for you!

I hope you have a calm and relaxing evening and as Beth said, you definitely need pampering!

from me and my kitties!
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Ugg... I hope you feel better soon!!
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I've never had to have a root canal. Vibes to you{{{{}}}}}
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Thank you for all the hugs. my mouth is really sore now the anesthetic has worn off so I am going to take some pain killers and go to bed and cuddle a cat.
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