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If your cat was human...

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There's probably already been a similar thread, but I'm wondering if your cat(s) was/were human, what kind of person would he/she/they be?

For example, I think my oldest, Katie, would be a bit quiet and reserved, a loyal, understanding friend and very adaptable, with a great sense of humor.

Gracie would be a high-maintenance person, who'd expect everyone to give into her demands. She'd probably very career oriented, live alone and have at least a couple of cats that she'd spoil like crazy.

Peter would be a nerdy hunk, popular with the ladies, but still awkward around them. He'd be a fun date, very much a gentleman and kind of goofy.

Claire would be a lady of leisure who appreciates the finer things in life. She'd be very ladylike by all appearances, but would also have a not so ladylike side. I can picture her swearing, smoking a cigar and guzzling beer.

Anyone else?
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Phenom would be very outgoing and popular. She would have lots of friends because she loves everyone and loves to be around people!!
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Jake would be the macho type. Handsome and knows it A real ladies man.

Jaz would be the lovable, best friend with a heart of gold. A shoulder to cry on

Izzy would be a 'bag lady', scruffy, deaf and carrying the world around with her in a shopping trolly.
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I can imagine your kits like that too!

I was chatting to my friend about this the other day - too coincidental!

Tibby would be a very handsome intellect! He would always have and educated answer for everything and would explain it in a well spoken way! He's wear trendy glasses and dress well but with a good sense of humour, but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of him as he's very opinionated!

Molly would be a small, beautiful and dainty woman, with a wicked streak - she'd probably be hanging out with Claire! I think she's be quite the feminist and always finding wrong in the boys in her life! She would have a soft side for those that she chooses, but the others she really couldn't care less about!!

Willow would be your dependable big brother type with a brilliant sense of humour! He's be pretty much the surfer dude and always be telling you tales of his adventures and escapades! Although he'd be a free spirit, he'd always have a loyal companion to share his fun!
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I hate to say this but I think Trout would be a "female dog". If you catch my drift.

She likes to attack our pant legs as we walk by and rarely wants to cuddle. Also, she hisses at Ken sometimes when he play fights with her...haha I think she is a sore loser

All in all, she is a sweet cat, but she definately has a little attitude.
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I think my cat would be just like my best friend when I was little. Which is wierd. She'd be very pretty, and smart, but afraid that people wouldn't like her. She would be a good friend, but we'd get in stupid little fights all the time. I can see her growing up to be a social worker. She loves to take care of me when I'm sad or scared, always nuzzling me and petting my head.
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this is a good idea, let's see...
Simon would be a grumpy old man, even though he's not that old
Antigone would be a pretty, but quiet, young lady
Pandora would be a loudmouth and a party animal
Sapphire would be like Trout, a female dog , she always has her little nose in the air
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Harley would try and be a tough biker guy - but deep down inside he would be a big teddy bear, a loving guy Not as tough as he thinks he is
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This is good...i'll start with the easy cat first..

Rambo would be the perfect "nice guy", he's handsome, kind and everyone likes him. He would be captain of the football team but nice to the nerds too. All the girls would want him (as all my friends do now!) and he would make them all his best friends.

Lucky would be a "high maintenance", must be the centre of attention DIVA! (with a secret problem with a lack of self-confidence that makes her need reassurances and cuddles!). She would be mouthy and sarcastic and would make sure everyone was well aware of her opinion about everything!
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Shamus would be the happy go lucky-obese-"slow" guy. Heart of gold but not the sharpest knife in the drawer (this is what I love about him)

Max would be the adventure seeking type, the type that would be bungie jumping off the empire state building, he is always looking for a thrill and looking for trouble.
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Oliver would be a sophisticated well-dressed man, probably a professor of some sort... He would need to be in control. He would be demanding of most, but patient with the ones who need it, especially the less fortunate.

Tripod would likely be a nurse or a social worker. He would be very compassionate and loyal, but if you crossed him he would never trust you again.

They would still be great friends, helping each other understand people better.
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Whitey would be that really hot guy from class that is such a flirt with everyone. He'd probably be divorced a couple of times too.

Luna, I think she would be more like me. She has a hard time trusting people at first, but then would eventually be OK with them. She'd have a small group of friends, but that's it.

Beauty would be the high-maintenance always needing attention girl. She would look for a lot of sympathy from others.

Patches, well if she were human her and my boyfriend would be married by now.
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Ophelia would be one of those beautiful girls who everyone says could be a model. She would also be one of those girls who everyone thinks is a total snooty *female dog*, but she's just really shy. Although she can definitely throw an attitude around when she wants to. She would also probably be getting or already have her doctorate in something like quaantum physics.

Trent would be a big teddy bear of a guy, very handsome with a good build. Super sweet, very loyal, and a lot of fun to hang out with. His biggest issue would be that he wouldn't know when to stop with the joking around or practical jokes, and then wouldn't understand why his friends are suddenly mad at him when he really hurts someone's feelings.
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Poodle would be a nice, quiet, and rather lazy person, but very sweet and pleasant to be around and talk to.

Flibbo would be a very talkitive, cuddly guy.

Annabelle would be a grumpy but funny grandmother.
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In a similar vein, Tybalt and I amuse ourselves by thinking which actors and actresses would voice our cats if they were in a movie. (We don't limit ourselves to living actors, LOL, since this is just daydreaming...)

We always said Cole would have been voiced by Walter Matthau, since he was a grumpy old man. Arthur we said would have been Jerry Lewis

Tillie would be voiced by Katherine Hepburn. Dignified, no nonsense lady.
Khepera= Michael J Fox
Pickett= Sam Kinison
and so on...

Anyone else do this?
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Oz would be like one of those teens, that you end up saying "you treat this house like a hotel" to. And they shrug and skulk out. If he's in the house he's asleep or looking for food, or he disappears outside for hours.

But like those teens in the family, you still love them.
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I think Spot would have a British accent and be very "snooty" and arrogant--he doesn't like too many people and only wants affection when he's hungry or its bed-time .

Poops would be Miss Congeniality--she's a social butterfly.
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Captain would be one of those grampas who sit in their rocking chair for hours on end and gets REALLY grumpy if he doesn't get his tea the way he likes it.

Toulouse would be a wanna-be bad boy.... he'd keep trying to have this rough and tough image, but since he's a momma's boy at heart, it wouldn't work.

Kanoe... sheesh... If she was human she'd probably act completely different because she'd probably be drugged up (she's still chewing *sigh*). If she wasn't though, she'd be one of those really bouncy cheerleader types.
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Yen would be a quiet person. Very intelligent and a quiet leader. She would lead through example and would take care of others who needed help.
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Eileen - I think Bijou would be another George Clooney.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Eileen - I think Bijou would be another George Clooney.
He must be an awesome cat!
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Max would be that guy who the girls just can't believe he's not married. That there must be something wrong with him but you just can't figure out what it is. The Mr. Perfect.

Sampson, Poohbear, Tigger would be those guys Momma warned you about.

Vanna would be a very quiet and reserved woman around people she didn't know but wild around her friends.

Mocha personality is very professorish!!

Simon is one of the guys who worry you. You just think they're crazy.

Trouble what can I say other than if she were human we would all be in trouble.
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Originally Posted by eilcon
He must be an awesome cat!

Thought I might get a reaction!
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Spaz is a street walker past her prime, but still trying

Shadow is the insecure boyfriend. Lovable, cute, sensitive in private, but macho in public.

Vash is Eddie Murphy cute and completely insane

Trouble is Kevin Smith, cute, lovable, a bit chunky, kinda quiet and with a decidedly twisted sense of humor.

Cassi is the codependent girlfirend. Can't stand to be away from you for even a second. Cries and cries until you pay attention to her.

Ivory the teenage tomboy. Wants her independence, but craves occasional reassurance as well. Rough and tumble, could care less if her hair isn't laying properly.
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Harvey would be a distinguished, stately elder gentleman...probably with a slight British accent.

Tailer would be the devilishly smart honors student boy who always gets in trouble for having a smart mouth and goofing off in class. (The one who ended up figuring out how to brew awful things in chemistry class.)

Forest would be a sweet but overenthusiastic pre-teenager who just has to get in the middle of his big brothers' stuff.
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Zoey would be very popular and well liked but a bit of a troublemaker....

Kandie would be leader of a country
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if bonnie was human she would be an independant single woman. she would be bossy and want things her way but would also have a soft side, helping out people in need. she'd wear the pants in relationships and would prefer to lay on the couch than go for a walk, she would also be fussy and only like specialty imported foods. she'd make a loyal and trustworthy friend, one you could always trust to keep secrets.

pandy would be a very shy willowy girl, wary of people until she got to know them, once she got to know people she would be a sweet and loyal friend, always lending a shoulder to cry on. she would work by herself as an artist and would be a homebody. she would also have a wicked sense of humor and have a taste for asian foods.

anassa would be the life of the party and the last one to leave when visiting, she'd be the centre of attention, telling jokes and making people laugh with her silly story's. she'd always be there for her friends and would be a tomboy, prefering 4x4ing, drinking beer and fishing to girly stuff. she'd be down to earth and fun.

pandy and anassa would actually be a little like me

great thread idea
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Ophelia would be one of those beautiful girls who everyone says could be a model. She would also be one of those girls who everyone thinks is a total snooty *female dog*, but she's just really shy. Although she can definitely throw an attitude around when she wants to. She would also probably be getting or already have her doctorate in something like quaantum physics.

That reminds me of what anassa would be like
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