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Originally Posted by lisasha3
I would say that when I work out I don't go 100mph - no. I can't run or jog due to my back, so I fast walk on the treadmill and usually do it on an incline. I break into a sweat but never get to the point where I have fatigued myself more than I should. I do this 3-4 times a week.
My resting heartrate is around 68-80 which for my age is average or slightly above. That said, if I should be working out at 60% of my target HR to lose weight then that would be 139. Typically on the treadmill I see anywhere from 125 - 140. That tells me I should probably step it up a bit more. Maybe longer periods of time. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
Ooops - retook my heartrate. Said it should be taken in the morning - I took it last night. It's actually 64 which puts me at 136 for my 60%. Still should probably push it a tad more when I'm on the treadmill, but it's not out of whack I guess.
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Originally Posted by George'smom
Do your clothes fit differently than before you began your program? You are probably gaining muscle (which is heavier on the scale than fat). Don't give up! There isn't a quick fix to getting healthy It takes a lifetime of learning new habits. Do you feel better (more energetic, stronger) than you did 2 months ago? Keep up the good work! And congratulations for giving up the cigarettes!!! That's truly commendable!!! I am approaching middle age, and decided that if I can lose 10 pounds a year (how I gained it), I will be pleased with myself.
Thank You! Quittin the cigs was not easy and they are so right when they say - once an adict (of anything!) always an adict. After 2 years I could still pick one up tomorrow and love it! I know that's bad - very very bad. It's especially hard now knowing this darn weight was because I quit. You know how awful the mind is sometimes - I keep thinking if maybe I start again I'll lose weight. Don't worry - I won't! Ever! If not for me, for my kids. It's a gross habit I know. Everytime I have a weak moment I just think of how unhealthy I felt and how bad my clothes smelled.
I do have to say as far as working out goes - no - clothes do not feel one iota different than they did 2 months ago (which is why I'm so discouraged), but....I do have ton load more energy! That I notice a lot! and that is worth it in itself.
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3 1/2 years ago I lost some 40 pounds and technically, I still have another 20 to go. Well, that 20 aint going nowhere!!! I ended up addicted to exercising and was working out 5 x a week at a minimum of 1 1/2 hours per session. Then my back started acting up (I have two different problems with my back). I've been unable to exercise for a year now but i do yoga daily. The good news is, I haven't gained a pound!

I've discovered that after 6 months of dieting/exercising, it's a lifestyle/mentality change that is neccessary not counting calories and being obsessed by what the scales say.

My two cents...
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I'm still drinking the Green Tea and it's worked wonders and bringing
my weight down
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