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How can I make her poop?

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Hi all,
Somehow Singa is constipated since I had her spayed last Thursday. She only went for poop shortly after she came back from the vet. Ever since there is no poop in the litterbox and also none visible anywhere elsse!
I brought her to the vet on Monady again for another checkup where they gave her an enema. So that day all came out. Ever since NOTHING!
How can I get her to poop again??? I cant keep running to the vets every few days
Pls help!
Thanks for your advice!
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And theres nothing the vet can give you either?

I know a lot of people have mentioned giving them some canned pumpkin as well.
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I guess the vet thought it would be ok after the enema. I wil call him again tomorrow... but I was hoping to find some alterntive help. She is already receiving antibiotics and all coz the wound got infected
Too much medication isnt good
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The pumpkin might be a good idea then seeing as it's natural.

I wonder if it might have something to do with her being spayed?.

Is Singa on dry food only?
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The doc sayed a lot of cats have this reaction to the anesthetic. But I figure it should be good by now.
She is eating wet and dry. I always give both and she just eats here and there.
Do u mean fresh or canned pumkin? I'm not sure what I can get here in Singapore...
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It's not really a week yet so it could be her spay, poor thing

Members have mentioned canned pumpkin but i would imagine fresh as well would be ok, so keep looking in because someones bound to give you more advice.

When she goes though come back and tell us so can all do the poop dance like we usually do in cases like this
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Hi there!
I am a vet tech and here is what we recommend at our hospital:
Canned pumpkin is always good or if your vet could give you Lactulose-it is a stool softner. Meat flavored baby food is always good or you may even try increasing the amount of wet food she gets for a few days. I am not sure what you may have access to in Singapore, but all those work great. You had mentioned she was on antibiotics and that can occasionally cause diarrhea-but not usually make them not poop. If she has not pooped in another day or so, I would call the vet back-She should not be in that much pain to where she cannot even poop. We will all keep our prayers out for you and will hope for some relief soon. Take care!
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Ok I will try that! thanks.

The only weird thing is that she doesn't seem to mind not pooping. I haven't seen her even try to poop. She doesn't look like she has pain or anything.
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Is she eating her normal amout of food everyday? Some kitties tend to eat less after a surgery and it takes a few days to get things moving again-if nothing goes in there is nothing to come out. I would definitly increase the amount of wet food she recieves since it is packed with a lot more moisture and that may help soften the stools. You may also want to add some form of fiber to her diet as well to help things get moving. I will keep good litterbox thoughts out for her and let us know how it is going.
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One thing kittycorner might not have made clear is that it needs to be plain pure canned pumpkin, not sweetened or pie filler or anything like that. I believe plain yogurt works too.
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Singa has finally gone!
I couldn't get the pumpkin so I took yoghurt and she immediately went after about 15 minutes
I am soooo happy!
Thanks to all of you! Singa is also thankful that she doesn't have to go to the vets again

So I guess now we can do the poop dance

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I am soo glad to hear that your kitty is doing better-and yes we will all do the poop dance with you-even though I feel better knowing she has gone no one can feel any better that Singa. Take care and best wishes to you both.
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