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Feeding problems

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When i first put down the kitten food he went for it and took a couple bites and seemed to like it but then wouldnt eat anymore. i tried again tonight and nothing and i know hes hungry because i give him the bottle and he sucks it down. i read somewhere that all kittens love chicken baby food. so i tried that i put the lid down first nothing he walked in it then i put some on my finger and tried to get it in his mouth still nothing....a post said that any kitten will eat this unless they arent ready for "adult"food...what should i do?
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Like mine, your kitten doesn't have a mama cat to model eating solids. Mine took a few days to catch on--tried it one of the first times and then rejected it the next few times. I'd continue to offer it when he's not ravenous and just give it a little time. You only started yesterday so this isn't a feeding problem at this point, it's just a toddler who will likely take a little while to get used to what is to him a very strange food.
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Kittens are different, my guys even with their mother didn't start weaning until 5 1/2 weeks and they wouldn't eat the babyfood.

They don't go from bottle to solid in one swoop.

It's normal at the beginning for them to eat a little solid and mostly bottle. As time goes on he'll eat more solid and less bottle until you wean him off the bottle completely.

Make sure he gets enough and keep trying the solids, mashed up very well with some warm water. Don't buy the chunk or sliced types of food.
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I would still bottle feed, my clue to take them off the bottle and put them on solids is when they stop sucking the formula and start chewing off the nipple tip! You also need to show them the food, put a small dot of food on the tip of their nose, under their chin or on their paw, and see what they do. Mix the first food with the formula because kittens/cats are scent-driven.

Good luck
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Some babies develop differently. Also he might not be ready for the food and want his bottle...Like the human babies do
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