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A terrifying experience.

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Now that I seem to be getting along with everyone, I wanted to ask for some opinions if you dont mind. As i mentioned in another post it is hard to go to a vet everytime i am worried because of financial problems. I do plan on getting a regular vet for azriel at about 6 or 7 weeks old. However i want to describe something terrifying that i recently experienced. The night Azriel finally went poop ( and he hasnt gone since then, saturday night...ill work harder) i had told him that if he went i would let him snuggle with me until i had to leave for work. This must have been around 11. He was in bed with me up until about 12:30 am and then he peed on me so i cleaned him up and put him in his box. I woke up at 130 to leave for work. usually i dont wake him to feed him but i thought i would this time. i picked him up and his little body was so limp. I went to show my cousin he picked him up from his middle and his head just flopped to the side he looked as though he was dead. i grabbed him in a blanket and ran over to the vet i told them i had the 170 dollars for the vet exam fee so they took him looked at him they brought him out said all his vitals were fine, his gums were pink but his heart rate was really fast. they told me i would need another 300 dollars for the doctor to do anything further. i didnt have that kind of money. I took azriel in the blanket went to my car and cried hystarically. MY boyfriend came to find me he went to pick up the little guy and he was all over the place like he was scared out of his mind. he told me to take him home keep him away from the light and keep him warm because he seems to be not scared when he was under the blanket. the only thing i kept feeling for has his heart to make sure he was still alive. i took him home (crying while im writing this) and prayed to god to let him live and that i wouldnt ask for anything else again. i put him in the blanket on the bed kept the tv mute and just laid there. i didnt want to open the blanket i was afraid to look. My bf came home from work and went to open the blanket and see him and he was back to himself again. This was one of the scarist things iv ever been through. i am till this day afraid to put him in his box because im worried to see him like that ever again. I mean he was fine laying in bed with me purring peeing all over me then all of a sudden this? they told me at the vet he could have had a ceasure, or it could be a brain trama...they asked if i dropped him ..i said no i didnt f- drop him what do i look like as i was crying even harder....has anyone had this happen before? my bf says he thinks it was a ceasure from a previous animal he owned and that he might have had them all along and maybe we were sleeping and didnt notice....he never showed any sign before or aftrer i was just wondering if any one has ever heard of such a thing. Any input would be greaty appreciated.
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Azreal, once when I was younger we had a cat that just really slept hard. When he was sleeping he was so relaxed and out of it he had that head hanging, total limp body look. Have you never woken the kitten up from a hard sleep before to know if this might be a possibility?
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One of my 3 1/2 week old kittens does this! I freaked also turns out he was sleeping very hard! I was told not to worry. Not only does he do it off and on sometime the other babies do it also.
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I'm sure it would be frightening seeing it for the first time in a kitten, especially if you hadn't considered that possibility before. But it was actually quite funny with our cat. Us kids could carry that fella around while he was drooped over our arm, limp and sound asleep. That was one laid back cat, I tell you...
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Wow, that was such a terrifying experience for you and your baby. Azriel, I'm so thankful you're ok, precious little one!
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