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I found a lump on Little Big Man, anyone familiar with this?

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First, know that he will be seen by a vet within the next day or so. I'm just wondering if someone has seen this kind of thing before.

Last night while petting Little Big Man, I thought I felt a lump on his side. I wasn't 100% sure because he's skinny, but he didn't feel the same on both sides exactly.

By tonight the lump has grown quite a lot, and there is definitely a lump. It seems to be on his ribs (right side), about 1 to 1 1/2 inches down from his spine.

In just a bit over 24 hours it has grown from "I'm not even sure it's there" to being big enough that when he's in certain positions, the fur is even being pushed out.

He doesn't seem bothered by it, and if I feel it or press it lightly he doesn't seem to react.

I'm hoping that the speed at which it's growing is a good sign, and that perhaps it is simply a cyst, or something like that. I hope so, but I have no idea really.

As I said, he will be at a vet within a day or two, as soon as I can arrange an appt and a ride, but I was hoping someone might be able to share their knowledge or experience.

It also doesnt' seem to be moving. The skin is clear, and the skin will move over the lump, but the lump seems stationary.

Would a vaccine-related lump show up in 2-weeks time?

Any ideas?

(Don't know if this matters, but he was neutered about 2 weeks ago and had his shots. I will speak to them tomorrow about where they admininstered the vaccine.)
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There really no sure way to know until you talk with the vet. It could be a number of things- How old is your kitty? Do you have any other cats? It could also be a reaction to the shots. Whatever it is, I hope its nothing serious and your kitty is ok please keep us updated
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He's about 6 months old and yes, there are other cats, 2 adult and one about 9 months.

I hope it's not from the vaccinations. Would that show up in 2 weeks time does anyone know?

The thing that's got e wondering is the speed at which it seems to be growing.
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If it is rapidly growing, I would try to get him in sooner. The reason I asked if you had other cats is that it sounds like an abcess to me. Maybe they got into a spat, and one of your other kitties poked him with their claw and it got infected. If it keeps getting worse, you will need stronger anti-biotics to get rid of it. So the sooner the better.
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Unfortunately I'm somewhat limited by the person who's willing to take me there (no car these days). I spoke to the vet, and just waiting to hear from my friend if she can go this afternoon or tomorrow am, but the vet said that should be okay.

So far they said perhaps an abcess, or a reaction to the vaccines, which were just 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Although it seems from what I've read that an abcess would be uncomfortable and/or painful and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it at all, even when I pressed it to try and see if it was moving or not. There was no mark there.

I hope it's not something really bad.
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Most likely if its not an abcess, they will take a sample to make sure it is'nt canverous. My Chichi, who is 17, has 3 lumps which she's had for years. They are pretty small though, and are kinda firm, but moveable. They were biopsied and came back non-cancerous. The vet at the time said they could be from vaccinations, or they could just be tissue. I hope everything goes ok for you guys
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Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The vet said it also might just be a reaction to the shots. I'll find out soon enough.

Poor little guy, he finally just got over having his you-know-what's cut off, and now this. And he's such a sweetheart, I hate to see him unhappy or miserable.
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