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Adoption Fees?

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I was wondering what a good amount was for an adoption fee is, cause i heard that some people will take a free kitten and sell it to a labratory or something. So if there is an adoption fee then they cant sell it them for a profit then.
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I would make it at least $50. If someone isnt willing to pay $50 adoption fee, they will probably not be a very good pet owner.
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I'll move this to SOS for you.

Adoption fees vary a lot, and a lot depends on what you are providing for the kittens before they leave. Will they have their 1st vaccinations? Spay/neuter? If S/N and vaccinations are on you, then you can definitely reasonably raise the adoption fee to at least partially cover those expenses.

The people who are looking for lab animals or worse (i.e. dog fighting bait) don't want to pay a dime - they generally won't even pay $10 - $20.
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If you are looking to place kittens...I would highly recommend that you look into finding a low cost clinic that would spay/neuter these kittens before they go into homes. Then you can charge the spay/neuter fee as the adoption fee which helps in 2 ways...1. the spay/neuter fee will discourage those who want to sell to labs and 2. the kittens will be spayed/neutered and never have litters of their own:


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When I was looking for my kittens, I constantly looked at PetFinder.com to see if they had any kittens available but they list all the shelters that have pets available for adoption. If you click on their homes sites, they generally have all the information you would need about adoption prices, what things they include and so forth.

I was pretty picky in what I was looking for in the adoption fees like; spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, etc. Generally, if it is a bit more expensive they will have more things included.
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we charge 60 and thats for cats that we already get fixed and all their shots. you should also add that if the people must get rid of the cat, they have to return it to you, then they legally arent allowed to sell the cat, which im sure they can get around that somehow, but its just a thought
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