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Imagine feeding this puddy :D

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One huge cat. I bet most of you have seen it, but if not here it is again. I'd love to cuddle a cat that big. I do suspect it's doctored in Photoshop though.
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Wow!! That is one big kitty!! Though I too suspect it's had a little "tweeking"... cool though, Have you ever seen any pictures of a Chausie BuNN?? They're actually about the size of the cat in this picture, I'll see if I can find a link for you
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Chausie? Nope never heard of those cats before. I'd love the link though if you can find it. Thanx
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It was doctored with - but it is amazing nevertheless.
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Hmmm I used to have a site with an amazing picture of a Chausie being held by a man, the kitty was huge!!! But I can't seem to find it... Hmmmm doh!! I'll keep looking though
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Someone sent me this pic a few months ago. It turned out to be a hoax. The story was the cat was a born near a nuclear plant and grew this big because of exposure to radiation. I saw the guy in the pic on some tv show explaining how he did it with photoshop. It was a joke that got out of hand. He said he had people came looking for the huge cat. They also had the cat and it was actually a small cat.
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Here is a Chausie.

Sarobi is an F1 50/50 female golden chausie. The photo is of her at about 8 months, 14 lbs and 14 inches at the shoulder. The males get even bigger.
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Thanks Helen!! That was the pic I was thinking of!! (except its a woman holding it not a man as I said... doh!) Where did you find the pic by the way?? I couldn't find the site!! Thanks for posting it
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OMG, thats one lanky cat. Imagine that long fella running up the stairs, it would only take one step and be at the top

Aw Krazy Kat, now you've ruined my dreams And thanx Helen for posting that picture, it's one heck of a cool cat
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Bod here is the link;

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I was so disappointed! Wouldn't it be cool to have a cat that big? Imagine the PURRRRR!
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Actually, the picture and the "nuclear power plant" story have two different origins. The picture was never intended to be taken seriously, and as such cannot be called a "hoax" but once you put something on the internet....it takes on a life of its own!

Here's the REAL story:

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I love those Chausies! Ike is scared spitless of 3-pound Rowdy. What would he do with a cat that big?
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