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Dozer's first trip to the vet

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Well, I took Dozer to the vet today. I knew he had feas, and probably an upper respritory infection. Those turned out to be true. He was sneezing a little, but had no fever. The vet also checked his stool and found out that he has Coccidiosis Parasite -- Some sort of organism that hinders his ability to process food. And he has conjuctivitis in one eye. They also said instead of my estimated 10 weeks that he's more like 6 weeks old. They gave him a shot of antibiotics, a rubdown with some anti-flea stuff, some inject-into-the-mouth antibiotics, and some creamy stuff for his eyes.

All of that seems pretty fine to me. The vet showed me how to apply everything, and I feel confidant about it.

What kind of bothers me though is that they said that they don't start their vaccinations until 8 weeks, and they don't spay or neuter until 7 months, and on top of that they only spay/neuter for free as long as you let them notch one of their ears.

I don't know about that. Aren't kittens supposed to get their first vaccinations at 6 weeks? And shouldn't a male cat be neutered before 6 months so that he doesn't spray? And what do you guys think about notching his ear?
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Poor little Dozer.

I'd be very angry at the people who gave him to you. They had no business taking kittens from their mother until at least a minimum of 8 weeks. Sigh. 4 weeks is a big growth different in kittens and I find it hard to believe the people didn't know the kittens were that young.

Although not dangerous, kittens shouldn't be taken from their mothers that early and for a kitten, 2 weeks is a long time. Oh well.

That being said, my understanding is 8 weeks for the first series of vaccinations. If you don't want to pay another office visit, contact your local petsmart and petco's. They have low-cost vaccination days. Here near where I live, petco has them at least once a month (petsmart not as often).

As far as waiting for neutering, it was my understanding that up to about 8, and even 9 months is safe, and before they start spraying. So 7 months would be okay. However, many believe in early neutering, and as far as I've read there is nothing wrong with it (in fact, after I learned that, I had Little Big Man Neutered at 6 months -- and he hadn't started spraying yet).

You might have to call around to find a vet who does it. Not all do.

Why would they notch the ear? I think I heard something about that once, but can't remember what it was.
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Yeah, I'm a little sad that he didn't get the proper time with his mommy and littermates. They were kind of chomping at the bit for get me to come and get him too. It also may explain why he seems to only understand half of things. Like he'll stalk very quietly after something.... but he'll stalk all the way TOO the item. No pouncing action.

I'm kind of limited in the pet store department. I'd have to drive 3 hours to get to a large chain. There are several vets I can go to though for shots and things, but if what they are saying is okay then I'll stick with this office as I know several animals that are well taken care of by them.

As far as notching, the flyer with the information on it said it was for "Identification purposes."
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Maybe someone else knows more about notching. I have no experience don't know anything about it.

The thing with the shots wasn't to change vets, just a suggestion if money was tight to save you the cost of an office visit plus shots, which could run quite a bit, wheras you could do the whole thing probably for half at a vaccination day. Nothing to do with the quality. It's just a matter of choice and finances.

Then again with the price of gas.

6 weeks although a bit young, he should still be okay. Wouldn't worry about the poucning thing, in fact, Rocky Rockette, who's 9 months old and still with Mommy, doesn't pounce. He runs right to things. Ran right up to a stink bug the other night and jumped up and pounced 5 feet backwards when it must have sprayed his nose! LOL He was right back for more.

When i caught it and flushed it down thertoilet, he tried to jump in after it and has his paw down into the opening trying to fish it out by the time I won the struggle and got him out of these. He's a fast little thing. LOL

From what you've said so far though, he sounds like he's fine and very happy with you and Piggy. What does he look like?
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I got an orphaned kitten at about 4 weeks and the vet waited until 8 weeks to start shots. She does the neuter or spay at 6 monthes but a lot of vets will do it when they are at least two pounds and their are no health problems. The only time I've heard of notching the ear is with managing feral colonies. It's so if a cat that has already been fixed is trapped again they can just let it go.
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What does he look like?
He's an orange little furball. VERY fluffy and soft. Little white chin and dark orange stripeys on his legs and tail. He also has stripes coming from each corner of his eyes. His mommy was large and fluffy as well and looked very "Maine Coon-ish" in her markings, fur, and stature.

The only time I've heard of notching the ear is with managing feral colonies. It's so if a cat that has already been fixed is trapped again they can just let it go.
I think this is the idea. There are TONS of strays all throughout our town.
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Thats weird to wait until 7 months..all 4 of mine will be spay/neutered at 8-12 weeks old if not before it just depends on how fast they reach the ideal weight..which wont be long considering they are 4 days old and already weight almost 6oz! Good luck your little one sounds to be a real cutey!
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