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Ok, so I've spent the last two weeks planning this steaknight fundraisor and everyone was supposed to have their list of people who were going to attend into me tonight. It is almost 1030 here and not a single person of 18 has phoned me and the place I booked needs to know tomorrow morning.

I phoned each person individually to confirm and make sure the date and everything was ok with them and only one person had a conflict.

So I started phoning people to see what was going on and some of the people had the nerve to blame me for them not knowing what was going on, even after atleast 2 personal phonecalls, 3 emails, and talking on MSN.

I think I may have to cancel the steak night now and let down all the people who bought tickets from me.

Anyone else ever experience this situation????
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I have several times. I used to co-coordinate an organzation when I was an underclassman. I was involved in organizing two different events in one year where people who said they would help didn't, and actually lied about it. One girl said she had called to reserve the room, but when I went in to verify because I hadn't gotten a written verifacation from the campus life guy he said no one had called. That event was postponed. Another event involved a seminar, where again the person who said they had contacted the appropriate people had not. We had to cancel, but it was too late to take the info off the programs. People showed up and were pretty disappointed. If someone isn't able to keep up their responsibilities I just wish they would be honest about it! I can feel for you.
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I totally agree.

I mean what's the point in lying?? It's not going to hurt my feelings if you say no to begin with, actually that would probably help me more than anything because then I wouldn't have to waste so much time on finding out what's going on with you.

I just co-ordinated 2 events within 3 weeks. The first went well, even though half of the people backed out on me and I think I may just have to cancel this steak night. I was only doing this for the benifit of the group, and it's their loss I guess.
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This really sucks people can be so unreliable!
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