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Waiting for kittens

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My three year old cat is expecting her first litter any day now. Two days ago my 'don't touch me' kitty took to following me around all day and crying untill I came and sat next to her box. Now, 48 hours later, still no kittens! She has had a bit of spotting but no noticeable contractions and no distress other than the separation anxiety. I haven't taken her to the vet and I will call them in the morning, but I was looking for a bit of reassurance.
I found Vespa in my car engine just under three years ago. Best described as a tortie-tabbie short hair,mostly orange tabby with black and white patches and a white belly. She likes me, hates my kids unless they are sleeping, and just barely lets my husband sleep in "our" bed. She got out the first week in March, bad timing between taking out the trash and someone starting the dreaded vaccuum.
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Wow!! 3 years and you were able to put up with her estrus cycles all that time without spaying her. You deserve a medal!

Keep a close eye on her. If she is spotting some, delivery is close. Where do you have her nesting box? Just make sure it is in a place in your home which is low-noise/traffic/stressors.

The chances are she will be fine. You may begin to see her trying to push a little bit and she may even evacuate her bowels and bladder before delivery. If you notice her in and out of the litter box frequently, watch her closely as some first-time, inexperienced queens will mistake the feelings of the contractions with the need to potty ... and consequently, kittens may be born in the litter box. This can be life-threatening to the kitten if you don't find it in time.

There are many good articles here at TCS about what to expect and how to prepare for what is to come. I would suggest you take a few moments and read up a little if you haven't already.


And as always, you will need to keep her strictly indoors with absolutely NO access to the outside at all until you can have her spayed - you can safely do this once the kittens are about 6 to 8 weeks old, are completely weaned onto solid foods and are consistantly using the litter box.
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Vespa has not had that many cycles and absolutly hates the outdoors and has been out only twice since I caught her. I think it comes from her feral beginnings. She also hates the car and carrier. I have scars. Lots of them. I can clip her nails and clean her ears and even bathe her, but if she sees that darn carier, any carrier, she totally freeks out! My husband tells me she has abandoned the box and has been wandering around the house crying for me tonight. I have to work 16hs today and I really think she may be waiting for me to get home.
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She could be please let us all know..
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