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Post-spay lump

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My kitten was spayed one week ago, and she has a rather large lump at the site of incision. I was told she may have a small lump immediately after, but is this normal for a week later? She's also been acting very strange -overly affectionate. She's usually full of energy and can't sit still, but for the past week, she cries if she's not in my lap. She has to sleep on me at night and meows if I do not pet her constantly. This all coincides with her being spayed. Any ideas? Help is much appreciated
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She's probably acting overly affectionate because she's healing and feeling better not having the heat cycles. One of the bennies of spaying

My cat had that lump too when she was spayed. I asked the vet who said that it's not uncommon, and not to worry unless it doesn't go away eventually, or if I see signs of oozing or infection.

However, I would recommend at least calling the vet and letting him or her know that it's bigger than expected (Deja Vu's was fairly large, and yes, within a few weeks it was gone). Better to make sure with the vet, even if its on the phone.
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Please call the vet! A rather large lump could be the sign of infection inside the incision, and the sooner it is addressed the better. And a few days of being extra quiet is to be expected, but a week after the surgery she should be almost back to her normal activity level.

It is certainly possible that everything is fine, but don't risk it, please. Ring the vet!
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Betsy had a lump too, it soon went away but you should call the vet. I wonder if she is meowing because she's in pain and is trying to get your attention.
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