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I have a cat that gave birth on Friday. She has used the litterbox 2 times and used my daughters floor upstairs once that I know of. Is there something wrong with her? Is she holding it in? I don't understand. She is eating and drinking just fine but I am not seeing her go potty and the litterbox is clean and has been for 2 days now? Any help/advice would be greatly apreciated!
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First thing to do would be to move the box to where she has easy access to it without having to move too far from her litter. Look around the room she's in, under things and such, because that's where you'll find her stool.
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She might need the box closer to her because she does not want to leave her babies. How does her tummy fill..
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the box was near her it was in the same room however she went in my daughters room which is the farthest room away from her babies and used the bathroom in the corner of her room. I don't know what else to do? She got out yesterday for about 5mins and she used the bathroom outside but she will not go in the cat box. I have tried putting it in the same room I have tried putting it in the old spot where it used to be but nothing. I have found no more stool anywhere in the house so I am confused!
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Put another box in the corner of daughters room maybe...
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In my experiences, they do not go to the bathroom too much if at all after delivering for several days. This is normal.

If she went to the litter box before, during or after delivering she may have "discharged" a "substance" (trying not to sound gross) that makes her not want to use the litter box because it is in there. Maybe you don't notice it.

Also, I have noticed that they seem to have a different temperment (or attitude change) after delivering for awhile.
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