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Corneal ulcer

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I took Nya into the vet today as her eye was stuck shut with goop this morning. She's always got runny eyes, but this was thick and some of it wasn't clear, which I know wasn't normal.

Turns out she's got a corneal ulcer, and the edges of it, instead of being smooth, are raised, which means they may have to scrape it to have it heal properly.

Right now, I'm giving her eye drops EVERY HOUR for the next 5 days. I've never even medicated myself that often!! Luckily I have a job where I can bring her along, but it looks like I won't be leaving the house much other than that.

Please send us well wishes that it heals as it should!
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Oh, poor Nya! Is it possible that she has feline herpes that is causing the eye problems?
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They've never actually investigated the cause of her runny eyes... they've never been serious enough to cause me concern. I suppose I might ask about herpes! I'll do that after this is healed up

This particular problem was most likley caused by Buddy, scratching her in a fight or something.
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I will send good vibes her wy.. Poor girl..
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I hope Nya heals well soon! She's such a good girl for putting up with that. You're such a good meowmy for doing this for her. How do you sleep?
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Thankfully they said I don't have to get up every hour at night! I'll probably set an alarm to get up at least twice for her, and she's such a sweet cat that I can do it half asleep, she doesn't fight much
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