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Getting our kittens to sleep at night

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Hi! My sig. other and I are new to the site, and even though we adopted kittens four days ago, we already have a question!

Our new kittens (Astrix and Dash) are 9 weeks old and we have the hardest time settling them down at night so they will sleep and be quiet. We live in a studio apartment, so we think it would be mean to lock them in our tiny bathroom all night. I know that kittens are just playful and enjoy causing trouble. We've tried to tire them out with lots of play, but that seems to have the opposite effect (sometimes it just riles them up).

Anyone have any advice on how to calm the kittens?

Thanks so much!

Kyle and Sarah
Astrix and Dash
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They will grow out of it. Mine were like maniacs at night. I had to sleep with covers over my head becasue they kept running across my face. The only thing I can think of is to play with them about an hour before you go to bed and hopefully they will tire out.
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i have the same thing on. I have a 11 month old. and when we go to bed she is not allowed in our room ... she will sit out there and meow for hours (maybe not hours but it seems like it) we try to play with her lots and she never is sleepy... i dont know where she gets all her energy
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You'll just have to wait until they grow up - they should get better as they get older (and used to your routine). You can't expect 9 week old kittens to sleep for a long time. The best my 20 week old kitten can manage is 5 hours. He will now settle down at bedtime (after a long play sessioin) but he's bouncing around very early in the morning!
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Cats are nocturnal animals by instinct, and at night is when they get the "hunting" instinct. Domesticated cats, that's when they want to play and run and chase each other around.

One of the traits of kittens is that they play frantically for a while, sleep for a while very deeply to regain their energy and then go at it again. It's what kittens do.

Although it will get better with time, they will never stop completely. Locking them in the bathroom will just make them noisy in the bathroom. And take it from me, when they start jumping in and out of your tub and ripping your shower curtains, you won' want to do that either LOL. I've gone through more shower curtains ... and the bathtub makes a LOT of noise.

My guys (kittens and adults alike) do their thing between 5 and 5:30 am every morning. At least it's not all night any more.

You may just have to wait it out until they get older.
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