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DT: Its Friday

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I've got time to kill, before work so I'll start this. Warm and sunny, here. Due to the wildfires, most of the state parks and national forests are closed. Mt. Lemmon has been closed for several days, due to a 4,000-acre fire. We can see the smoke all over the valley. Bill and I are off on Monday. Don't think we're going to picnic. Have a good holiday weekend, everyone!
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Pouring with rain, but who cares! We got our new car yesterday and will do more test driving in a moment.

Have a good day and weekend everyone!
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It's grey and overcast here, but they are calling for a nice weekend. Thank god, no more freezing nights.

We finally got our new piece of equipment (my pride and joy!) to work, which is great but which also means I'll be spending the next month or two working exclusively with it. Ah, the joys of science.

I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend. A trip to the zoo with my friend and her daughter is the most exciting thing I have planned. Everyone have a great and safe holiday!
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Well it is cool and it looks like it is about to rain here. I am also off on Monday - but I'll be spending my day off with my sister in the hospital as she will have her c-section then. Gotta hit petsmart this weekend for litter and food. I am not allowed to look at the kittens for adoption there. We'll see. I hope that all the Americans on TCS have a great Memorial weekend, and everyone else just have a great regular weekend.
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We are finally getting rain here, too! It's supposed to clear up to a very nice weekend, though. I'm watching the clock tick by...tick, tock, tick, tock...waiting for noon. The office closes at noon on the Friday before a 3-day weekend. Only a long hour and a half to go!

K&C - congrats on the new car! Getting anything new is fun, but something big like a car is great fun.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and even better weekend!
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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, its Friday! Thank god it is a long weekend too! I am pumped.

I just mowed my grass, I have a pretty big yard so its good exercise for me! I work up a sweat so I count that as my daily dose of exertion!

My son and all the daycare kids are in the yard playing, my daughter is napping on the couch, and I am cleaning house for my guests that are coming tonight. They are driving here from PA on a Friday before a long weekend. Can you say TRAFFIC??????????????? Glad its not me in the car!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Stay safe.
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Hello everyone

Got some catching up to do on the boards. Hope everyone is well. No big plans for the weekend. I've been trying to find some slip covers on the internet. Anyone know of any good links for companies other than Sure Fit Slipcovers. So far I like their site the most but I'm having a hard time trying to match up the couch and the recliner

The weather here seems to be behaving its self for the mean time.

I'm back and it should remain as such unless things happen to go awry for me again; hopefully all will be well In that case, I will let you all know of my temporary absence so no one thinks I've vanished

It's good to be back
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Hi sabra, glad to see you again! K & C what kind of car did you buy?

It is gloomy here. Hubby is making a run to the video store so we can just veg out and not do much. I had to laugh this morning, I needed a forklift to move MacArthur! He is one stout baby kitty. He is now developing white around his chest and his mouth. He looks like he has a permanent milk mustache. Macbeth is doing well, getting stronger and more active. Gotta go
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Just wanted to say good to see you back on the boards Sabra! Glad you were not gone too long! We've missed ya!
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Thank you MA & Daniella and to everyone else for your well wishes during my absence
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Originally posted by hissy
K & C what kind of car did you buy?
ok, it probably won't say anything to you there in america that we got the car of the Year 2000 (or 2001, I'm not sure), it's Toyota Yaris, a very cute little car, just perfect for us!
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It's a beautiful sunny day here, but a little cool. I have a three day weekend also, and they are predicting nice warm weather.

I live in the middle of a small rural town. For the past few days there has been a racoon wandering around my neighborhood. One of my neighbors and my son have definitely seen the racoon, and it has caused my neighbor some problems. The veterinary clinic was called about this and they have a hummane trap set for the racoon somewhere, and plan to release it out in the country if it is caught. When I got home a while ago, I was checking my flowers and found racoon prints near a couple of plants but no damage. I'm looking forward to the racoon's capture.

Have a nice day and weekend!
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Soooo glad it's Friday. My students are getting crazier by the day. They are so ready for summer, and I don't blame them. Looking forward to a long weekend. Tuesday is our school trip to Hershey Park. Time to ride rollercoasters. And of course I will be forced to eat chocolate. The smell from the Hershey factory will make sure of that.
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Well, I am very glad to be back online. Something happened and we didn't have internet last night! It was HORRIBLE!! I spent my first day of my 4 day weekend putting in an air conditioner, cleaning all the screens and windows downstairs, grocery shopping, Pet Co run, and mowing the yards. I am happy I am finally done and have time to sit down and relax!! For those of you with storm windows, it really is a pain in the I right??? Heck, since Hissy is going to watch a movie tonight, maybe ill do the sounds good!
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Sandie, I can relate to the storm window dilemma! We have storms on all of our windows and I hate the trouble it causes during the change of seasons. I actually only "switch" a few of them to screens. I pick the two best in each room and raise them up and take down the screens. The others stay as is year round! And to clean them, oh boy what a *itch. Its tough, most of mine are not spotless I hate to admit.
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Yay! Sabras back!
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Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend all of you in the US!

It's a regular short one here Sunday it's back to work. Not that I need to go to any far away office - I work from home!

We've had another series of terrorists attacks this week. They have stopped for a while when the IDF went after the terrorists into the Palestinian Authority's territory, but as soon as the troops pulled out, here we go again ... Fortunately, most of the attacks failed or ended with a relatively low number of casualities, but that was sheer luck more than anything. Yesterday the terrorists managed to booby trap a truck going into the largest fule depot in Israel! That was scary. Here's an article about it if anyone's interested:

As for my little family - we've had a long and busy day, visitng my mom in Tel Aviv for lunch and then heading east to see some friends who live in the middle of the way from TA to Jerusalem. It might not be a long drive in American terms (from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it's 45 minutes. From whereI live to TA it's also about 4o minutes or so depending on traffic).

Baby Ron had a wonderful time with our friends as they have a 1 year old baby with tons of toys He was so fascinated with all the new sights and sounds that he forgot to sleep the whole day long. As soon as we got back home he settled in for a long feed and then went straight to sleep leaving me some free time to sit by the computer. I've been working on the site for the past 3 hours, but now it's almost 1 AM and I think I'll call it a night...

Good night everyone!

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Welcome back Sabra!
I know JCPenney sells slipcovers in their regular catalog, I'm sure they have them online too. Here's the link:
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Oh Heidi, you are so lucky you're on THAT side of the mountains! This morning we had SNOW!!! I drove to work in near white out conditions! Isn't that funny that it was sooo warm, then got cold enough to snow, and now this afternoon I could go outside without a jacket again? That's Colorado weather for ya'!

Sabra, it's good to see you back!

I had a LONG day, even though I left work at 3:00... up until then everything just seemed to go wrong. I won't bore you with the details, but it was just one of those days!

I actually have some time to browse through some threads, and maybe post a bit! Woohoo! That's a rare treat!

Anne, I was hoping the terrorist attacks would die down in your area. I'm sad to hear they're starting up again.
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Today featured beautiful weather รขโ‚ฌโ€ just perfect for a nice long walk, which I didn't take. No, I sat around the house playing with Samantha.

My computer system experienced a viral infection and she's just now getting over that trauma. Somewhere during the height of that malady I ceased getting electronic-mail notifications of replies to the "alphabet game" thread, so I enjoyed reading up on what happened to the little cat story we'd started there.


Believe me, I do miss The Cat Site. Lately, apart from Samantha's time-consuming malady, I've not been much in the mood for posting anywhere. I'll just stare at the blank "reply" window, my brain devoid of all inspiration.

Anyway, I shall try getting over this way more often. Best wishes to everyone for a nice weekend!

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