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New guy, 2 cats with circular markings

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Hi, I have been lurking around here for a couple of months now and this forum is great. I have 2 cats, Tina, she is a year old this month and Cassie, she is 7 months old. Both I adopted from a rescue organization. When I got Tina I thought it was so cool that she had circular markings on her sides. 6 months later we found Cassie with the same circular markings. I assumed that these were kind of rare but apparently not. Anyone else seen cats with these types of markings? These 2 cats have been great, they both fetch and are excellent lap cats. Cassie is having some problems right now but we are working vigorously with the vet on this. Thanks everyone and look forward to many years on this site.
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Hello and welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome to TCS.

Well we have some exellent forums that you can talk about health and behavior issues. I hope to get to know you better soon.

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Hi and welcome to TCS!

see you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS! My folks have a cat with the circular markings - I love that pattern on a tabby! Sending {{{prayers & vibes}}} that Cassie's problems are resolved quickly & completely. Susan
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity, and I welcome you to TCS!So glad you and your beautiful little ones joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site

You will love it here

Warning: It's addicting!
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Welcome to TCS. As you can see, I have circular markings on my sides too. I'm Sadie, a 4 month old Ocicat.
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First of all welcome on board - glad to have you.

I think what you mean is a clasics tabby - round swirls. Take a look at this website.

My boy Loki is what is called a marble bengal - it's similar to the classic Tabby markings.

Now all that is needed is pics of your babies!!

Oh and here is a pic of my Baby Loki
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Welcome to the site! If you need any help with the site, please message me and let me know. I know there are different types of tabbies that have various markings . Perhaps if you were able to post a picture, some of the members could help you.
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I guess they both have a bulls eye on there sides. As they get older, heavier, and thicker fur, it is harder to see but it is there. Here is a pic of the new kitty. You can click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.

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Hello, my name is John. Welcome to the site
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Welcome Welcome and what a beautiful baby you have there. Quite the cutie!!!
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Our Toby is a classic tabby too with those swirley markings. (Beautiful cats, are`nt they?)
Be sure you check out Baby Harley on the cat site too. Somewhere on here she put a picture of Harley and his swirleys actually form a SMILEY FACE on his side!!! Too cool1
Welcome to TCS! We`re glad to have you join us.
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