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what brand?

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What brand for kitten food any suggestions? Also I have looke at some of the starter kits for the lier boxes ey seem to high for him to clim where can i find low to the ground. Any one know what liter keeps the smell away? Also if i give him baby chicken food when i try to feed him kitten food will he refuse?
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as far as the litter box goes i thought when i got my cats at 6 weeks old they would not be able to get in it and boy was i wrong i have the litter box with the cover and air filter and they were able to get in just fine. as far as the litter goes I found it was a hit and miss. i think a lot of it depends on your cat however i use tidy cat crystal i like it alot and with the food i would suggest something that has chicken as the first ingredient. good luck
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Buy a disposable aluminium pan, the kind you cook lasagna in. That way you can through it out when you are done. I just use Johnny Cat non clumping litter. It is cheap so you can dump it out everyday and the smell stays down. The baby food chicken is a favorite of all kittens, I haven't found one who wouldn't eat it, unless they just weren't ready for "big kitty" food yet.
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I like Nutro when they are ready. Good to start them out good The foil pans are super cheap even at the grocery store and you have a veriety to see which highth is better for you.
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I started out with a really shallow one, I think it was for brownies. Once the have the idea I moved to a higher one cause they make a mess dancing around in there They come in two packs so you have a spare (if you are crazy like me, one for each litter)

I also feed Nutro Indoor kitten food, it cuts down on the stool odor.
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Best litter I have used is the kind made with crystals. I am a busy person so struggle with keeping litter tray clean and found the clumping kind needed constant cleaning and ended up throwing away most of it due to clumping. were as the crystal absorbs all the moisture and dried out the poo so you simple remove the poo when you get a chance and leave minimal smell.pllus looks alot better am using one with blue and white crystals and always get compliments as to the odd look of the litter tray :P sad i know.
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY
I started out with a really shallow one, I think it was for brownies. Once the have the idea I moved to a higher one cause they make a mess dancing around in there They come in two packs so you have a spare (if you are crazy like me, one for each litter)

I also feed Nutro Indoor kitten food, it cuts down on the stool odor.
I agree. The nutro has been great for Skittles. Once she weans the babies I will only do Nutro Adult. The box is in my room right now and I can not smell it.
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I went to the market before i had a chance to read this. i bought really cheap litter we are broke this month...i bough a clear plastic tray that you could put paint in to paint with a roller, one side is square the other one just comes to a slant no was special kitty cat litter the only thing i looked for was non clumping. i got in a fight with my bf because he says you can just take the clumps out and i told him i was told not to use it and i am not. I bought him a little tray one side for food one for water...i bought fancy feast gourmet cat food (most expensie) turky with gravy, chicken ad beef. we started out with the chicken i put about 50 drops of kmr in it to make it smushy...he walked right up to it took like 4 bites i told my bf go get the camera by the time he came back he was done. My boyfriend said maybe he is full so i grabbed his bottle but sure enough he sucked that long is the kitty food good after its open? what if he doesnt eat it should i throw it out and try a new kind? i also bought one baby food chickendinner like you guys suggested. as for the liter he climbed in when he saw it then climbed out, i put him back in and did the digging motion like you said and nothing..i know it will take time
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My guys would dig hole after hole after hole for days, and not use them. Trying to dig holes is a good sign. Eventually one day the light bulb will go off and he'll "get" it. Every so often, if you see hm in the litter digging a hole, go over and use your finger to fill it up like he eventually will. He'll figure it out.

I don't know if that paint box thing will be big enough to carry an inch or two of litter, and he may get it all over the place. If there isn't enough litter to cover, especially with the clay, it will smell. You also don't want him peeing off the side, and getting used to doing that.

If you go to the dollar store (if you have them near you) you might find a tupperware box or some of those aluminum cake pans that will serve you better until you can get a bigger litter box. He's small, so you don't need a big one yet. You might even find a small one at the dollar store. Or, look for one of those dish pans you would put in the sink.

Tell your boyfriend the reason for not using clumping litter with kittens is because when they are that little, they play in the litter a lot (as you have seen) and because of that, they end up getting it on them, licking it off, sometimes even eating it.

The same properties that cause it to clump do the same thing inside their bodies, and since their intestines are so tiny at that age, just a little bit of clumping litter will attract other clumping litter to stick to it, and it doesn't take much to clog up their intenstines and they can die from that.

The clay litter, since it doesn't clump, passes right through them. That's why it's best to use clay litter until they are old enough that they are not playing and/or ingesting litter, and are a little bigger so a few tiny pieces wouldn't block them. When my kittens left at about 9 1/2 to 10 weeks, they were still on clay. I put Rocky on the clumping by 3 months, but I also watched to make sure he wasn't playing in the litter and was having no problem wiht the litterbox. When it's time, just keep and eye and use your judgment as when it's okay to change over. So tell your boyfriend this is only temporary and this is why.

Because I agree, it's much more convenient to use non-clumping down the road.

I wouldn't leave the cat food in the fridge more than a day or two. If you are going to give it to him again, put it in a bowl and add a bit of water and heat it in the microwave for a few seconds, until it's tepid, not hot. Personally, I throw it out after two days.

If you have dry kitten food moisten it with water at this point, or some kmr. When he's about 6 weeks old, that's when his little teeth are ready for the dry kitten food without the water.

You might find it more convenient to have separate bowls for food and water, especially if you're going to be feeding him in spurts, and reheating, etc.

Also, using plastic bowls is not really recommended. They retain bacteria and cats can get sores around their mouths from it. (I had that problem with Deja Vu, and it doesn't matter how often you wash them). Doesn't have to be expensive. Again, I've gotten glass, porcelain oir stainless steel bowls at the dollar store -- nice ones there if you look where the dishes are, not where the cat stuff is. In fact, the dollar stores chain near here sells two heavy littler glass bowls for $1,00 that were absolutely perfect in size and shape.

And that's the only place I buy their toys (exept for a rare special one I might see). Especially since they lose them so much.

Great free cat toy -- the plastic rings that you pull off when you open milk.
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Oh, by the way, the cheap litter is fine. To help with the smell, put some baking soda on the bottom of the pan first. Also, don't remove the wet spots and try not to stir it up when you remove the solid poop. After you remove the poop, just put another thin layer of fresh litter on top. That will help with the odor somewhat.
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one of my cats is very picky when it comes to her litter. she will only use what she was litter boxed trained with by there previous owner and it is special kitty. I found that the red bag is better on the smell than the yellow bag. also by the litter they sell an arm and hammer litter box ordor control. i sprinkle it in the bottom add litter and sprinkle some over top. give it a little shake and that is all there is to it. i also use the tidy cats crystal blend for my other cat. she likes it better because otherwise she gets those big pieces of litter in her toes and she will go on the carpet and pick it out. my feet are not fond of that at all. those little clay pieces really hurt when you step on them. good luck and please keep us updated on how she is doing.
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Thanks for asking these questions Azreal. I'm reading the answers with interest as well.
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I'm so happy we can all benefit from this informative thread!

I would recommend a wet kitten food for Azriel since this is made specifically to meet the nutritional needs of your growing little boy. You may want to consider Nutro canned kitten food. I prefer this over the average food available in the supermarket due to the better ingredients. It's important to promptly refrigerate any unused portions of Azriel's food, then, be sure to warm it just a bit and stir it up to distribute the heat before serving it to him. I generally throw away any uneaten food by the next day. You may want to offer him just small servings at a time mixed with his KMR and then go ahead and dispose of this portion when he's finished eating. I feel it's best to remove the food from the can into a separate container for refrigeration.

Being a new Mommy is tough, keep up the good work!
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Thank you so much for the information you have provided. I emptied the fancy feast container of food wich was 3 ounces i belive into the bowl and added the kmr but ill make sure now that i know it needs to be in the fridge that i use only a little at a time...its only been 3 or 4 hours ill try one more time then ill throw it away and start the right way. Where can i find nero? is that what its called? i didnt see it at walmart. Charmed thank you for your input i appreciate your kindness in this response. I will use only the glass bowls from now on. i should have known since i have birds and i was told that plastic holds bacteria. Also i will try the 99 cent store we have plenty here i didnt think about it. I had read in a thread that a lady had a 6 week old cat she was liter box training and she thought he would be too big to climb in but he had no problem. I dont think Azriel will be able to climb into theliter boxes i saw at walmart, and if the tuperware is what im thinking of that wll be too high as well. how tall is too tall? someone suggested something like you would bake lasagna in. would that work? i just dont think hes stong enough to climb that high unless i build a ramp.
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Good for you for wanting the best food for little Azriel. You can find Nutro canned kitten food at PetsMart. Sierra and Serenity have nice crystal dishes and are so happy your baby boy will be enjoying his meals from his new glass bowl!

At this stage, you could even get a box flat, one of those that cans are stacked on at the grocery store. They're flat with very short sides. That would make a nice temporary litter tray. If you're concerned that Azriel will have trouble stepping into his little tray, you could get the smallest size at PetsMart or wherever you shop and cut him out a little door in the side, being sure to keep a bit of the wall under the door to prevent litter spilling out. He may just surprise you, though, and show Mommy how high he can jump to get over the wall! Please continue to keep us updated on your precious baby's progress!
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To save yourself some money, why not buy the one litterbox you think you'd want to use for a while, and put something in front of it (a bar of wood, or anything safe really) that she can use as a step for now until she's bigger? Believe me, it will only be a couple of weeks before she'll be able to get into it herself.
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That's a clever idea.
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Originally Posted by Charmed654321
To save yourself some money, why not buy the one litterbox you think you'd want to use for a while, and put something in front of it (a bar of wood, or anything safe really) that she can use as a step for now until she's bigger? Believe me, it will only be a couple of weeks before she'll be able to get into it herself.
Thanks for the tip I would never have thought of this lol
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