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A new addition to the family!

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Okay, we did it! We got a dog!

Yesterday morning I had an email from the manager of the Israeli cat society saying that someone had brought them a wonderful dog that day. She knew I was thinking about getting a dog and immidiately contacted me.

Well, I trust her judgement so I convinced hubby into going there right then and there "just to see the dog" - I guess you can figure out the rest of the story

Her name is Bamabi and so far she turns out to be as good a dog as we were told. She's a mixed-breed rescue, middle- sized and brown. Seems to have some German Shepard and some Boxer in her (but we really don't know - someone just dumped her on the streets God knows when...) She's 6 months old and she's absolutely great with cats! That was the most important thing and that's why I was so glad she came to us from the cat society. She had spent enough time there with cats to see that she's compatible. She is a very quiet dog that never (so far) barks or growls, even if a cat lashes out at her (I have witnesses that one myself...) Obviously like any 6-months old she is very energetic, loves to run and play, but she is also so well behaved that it's just fun and never a problem!

She is a strange kind of cat though... She really seeks attention and approval all the time which is very cute but quite undignified for a cat

I'll post some pics tomorow, after I get them off my digital camera.

If anyone has any suggestions about a good dog site, please let me know. I'm going to spend some time searching now.
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Congratulations guys!! I am sure once everyone adjusts things will be wonderful. Heck I am still adjusting to having a 55lb dog under my feet all the time.
I cant say theres a particular site I am prone to for dogs. I do know that a search will bring you a wealth of info though. If you have any specific ?'s then us dog owners can pitch in!! The only thing I really recomend is formal obedience. I know the basics, but the real good trainers really know what the dogs are thinking and what makes them tick. This summer we are all enrolling in a class!! Give the new one a big hug from me!!
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They are so rewarding to have around, and great company as well. As far as good dog sites, it would depend on what type of site you are looking for? Obedience training, breed sites?

Have fun- and what a cool name!
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Congrats on the new addition to the family. What kind of pup is she?
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Although I am delighted, in that you've given a loving home to a cat-friendly dog, my cats don't seem to share that feeling! What's new, eh?

How wonderful, though, that there are people who'll take the time to discover whether or not a certain dog will be reasonable around cats -- and vice versa. Had I the ability to keep a dog, I would do so in a minute!

But, alas, apartment-complex life mitigates against such a thing: Not only are most dogs poor neighbors in what amounts to a communal-living situation (they bark), but there's not the proper space to allow a dog her or his necessary freedom.

I love the fact that you and yours will benefit from an idyllic scenario of canine-feline foreign relations!

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I am so happy for you and your husband, Anne! And I am sure my husband is jealous. He would love to have a dog, but we are among the legions of apartment dwellers.....

We may be bringing home a new cat today...
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Congratulations on the puppy! You will not be sorry. I am so crazy about my dog She really is a joy and she gets along so well with the cats. I wouldn"t trade her for the world
Be careful about what kind of trainer you get if you decide to go that route. We had one when we first got Heather but, I did not care for her approach. I find Heather responds better to a loving approach rather than the militaristic approach our trainer used.
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Yeah, I should have gone into detail on that one. I searched around for a trainer that only uses treat training. He does not use choke collars etc. I think its discusting that they even sell the collars with the spikes on them!!!
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I do not just do cat rescue, but also dog rescue - we too, make sure that every dog is non aggressive and cat friendly because we are really cat people. My own two dogs are bossed around by our cats and they know that the cats are number one (as the cats all know it too). We train only using positive reinforcement. If the trainer you go to uses choke collars, find another trainer. My trainer learned his techniques at Sea World with the trainer of Shamu, and he always says, you can't put a choke collar on a whale - in order to train a whale you must use positive training methods. There is clicker training or just verbal praise training - both involve treats. I take a hot dog or polyo string cheese and cut it up in miniscule pieces - everytime the dog does something she is supposed to do she gets a huge - Good Dog and a treat. Eventually you stop the treat and they are satisfied with the Good Dog. My Dogo Argentino has never had a choke collar on her.

Congratulations and it's a whole new ball game with a dog.
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Thanks everyone!

We wouldn't dream of using a choke collar or anything like that. She turned out to be a very smart and easy to train dog. She's been with us for less than 24 hours and hubby has already trained her to sit and come. We read about how to do it on the internet and he only used positive reinforcement and special dog treats. It was very easy really because she's such a good dog and so eager to please.

Well, here are some photos of our new baby

Look at those eyes - no wonder she's called Bambi!

That's her playing with her new best friend -Tica the boxer.

and that's our brave little Gezer investigating the newcomer only hours after she arrived. She's so good with the cats - never a growl or a frown. She's very patient with them as well. She wants to play but she can tell they still want to keep their distance and seems to respect that.
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Great photographs! Just excellent!

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What a cutie pie. I am so happy it sounds like the transition is going well!! Our Babe is really good with the basic commands as well. We were so happy that he was cat friendly and smart!! I think the best thing I have gotten him to respond too is "Dont touch". This way I can stop him before he gets into something hes not supposed to. I wasnt going to take him to training because he is prety good on his own. We finally found a lead we can control him on, he sits, he knows the word out etc. However, I still cant get him to be calm when people come over to the house. He gets so excited, nothing I do will get his attention. I figure this is over my head, so I am enlisting a professional this summer. I love him to death, but I also need him to be well manored. He is 55 pounds and it is not pretty having him come at you and jump. I will have to post a fairly good pic of him here for all to see. Its hard to get a good pic since he is all black.
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good for you Anne!!

-kate (whose all smiles!)
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Oh Anne!!! Bambi is so cute!!!!! I too have acquired a new dog....quite by accident. Someone dumped her out and she is the cutest little thing...not much bigger than the cats, and she looks to be a terrior mix of some sort, black brown and white on her face, and mostly white on her back and legs, with one big huge black spot on her back. I have named her Peanut, and I am going to take her in for her shots and to be spayed soon!
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Like I said, I can never get a good pic because he is black..but here it is..I think he's a doll.
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what a precious boy!
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Wow! They're both cute
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