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Should I Feel Guilty About Getting Another Cat?

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I am the proud parent of a 4.5 yr old cat named Blu. I adopted her from the animal shelter, and have been doting over her ever since.

A friend of mine who has 3 cats just discovered a poor little kitten in their yard crying and hungry. They brought him in and fed him and bathed him and are now trying to find him a good home.

I have considered adding another cat for several months and this seems like the perfect oppurtunity. The kitten is simply beautiful and loving. He's a male around 8 weeks old.

So....why do I feel so guilty about it? Even thinking about it in front of Blu makes me feel anxious. I'm worried she will get upset and be unhappy like she was in the shelter. I know that my love and attention to her will not change, but I just don't want to make her think she's being replaced.

Any words of advice from other multi-cat households?
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For several years, I had two male neutered cats (brothers). At my Petsmart, they have the Anti Cruelty Society area where they show cats available for adoption. I saw this little female who had been a stray. I thought "I'd love to adopt her but what will the boys do?" She was there for a whole month -- two times with a pending adoption sign. At the end of the month, I decided to adopt her. I had just been laid off and had some time on my hands. I was prepared to do the whole introduction thing over a period of time but after the first night, I decided to see what would happen if I let them all see each other. Well, nothing happened. They sniffed. They pawed. They ran around. Everything has been fine since. The fur flies occasionally -- which is funny because it's always the female at 6 lbs who instigates against the boys both around 16 lbs.
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Well you can never guarantee cats will get on with each other and some cats do prefer to be only cats, but getting the new kitty would provide your other cat with companionship when you're out. I had 2 brothers then one of them died and I was very undecided about getting a new kitten. I wanted another cat and I knew my existing cat was quite an interactive, attention seeking lad who was a bit lonely on his own but I was unsure whether he'd take to a newcomer as he's nearly 9 now. He accepted the kitten very quickly and they get on great - I can tell he's happy to have someone to play with! The only way to find out if your cat would be happy with a new kitten is try it. The only thing better than one cat is 2 cats!
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I have been going through the same thing and I keep going back and forth on whether to get another cat. I have two right now and really want to get an orange cat. I know that my two will accept a kitten, I am a little afraid about the space I have available but my room is twice as big if not bigger then the cat rooms they have at shelters with like 10 cats in there so I think 3 in a large room with 3 litterboxes, two loft beds, and 4 cat trees probably should be enough space for 3 especially if I get a kitten. The two I have are brothers so they really only count as one as far as territory goes. Anybody think this will be too many in my space?

I think you should go for it if you have the space. Adult cats are unlikly to be aggressive towards a kitten so that may be the way to go.
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Coming from a home with a lot of cats of multiple ages and attitudes, from my experience, most cats will get over any dislike fairly quickly. Some do seem to hold grudges and will fight once in a while, but for the most part, they're usually pretty happy.
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Originally Posted by CherokeeDreams
Coming from a home with a lot of cats of multiple ages and attitudes, from my experience, most cats will get over any dislike fairly quickly. Some do seem to hold grudges and will fight once in a while, but for the most part, they're usually pretty happy.
ok, here's my experience: it took a while for Cable to fit in, but Pixel & Mouse were both 7 years old, & Cable was a 8 week kitten... drove them crazy. Pixel took to her after Mouse passed when Cable was about 6 months old. When Java arrived, at 3 months of age, Cable was about 7 months - they got along just great from the beginning - gave Pixel some needed relief! now, i've had Chip since March 14th. Pixel & Java both tolerate him very well... Cable still feels the need to 'remind' him that she is top cat. but no great big fights, just little spats, especially when its time for wet food!
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Oh no. Go for it!!!

But remember to show Blu he is number one in your love and among the cats. So he wont need to worry....

And the little one is new, so she will not even notice Blu gets more affection...

Its not 100% sure everything will be fine, but the odds are very heavily for you three...
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Here's the kitty. Isn't he a cutie???

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I'd say go for it too. Just be sure to take the introductions slowly. I already two female cats, Katie and Gracie, when I adopted Peter as a 6-month-old kitten last year. With gradual introduction over a two-week period, everything worked out fine. Same thing when I introduced his sister, Claire, last fall. My younger two tend to get on the older cats nerves a bit when they get too rambunctious, but Katie and Gracie are both good about letting them know when they've had enough. Aside from the ocassional hiss and/or swat everyone gets along fine. Good luck!
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So far so good. I brought the kitten home last night and the introduction went pretty well. Blu smelled of him for a bit and then just sat and watched him explore the house. After a few minutes, she started growling at him if he got close to her, but made no attempt to attack or anything like that.

I have been giving her alot of attention and talking to her often to let her know she isn't being replaced. She seems fine when the kitten is in the other room and I can pet her and give her treats without any problem.

Wish me luck!!
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Rosie was nearly one year old when i decided on another and believe me i had sleepless nights wondering if i was doing the right thing or not. I even shed a few tears as soon as i looked at Rosie's little face because she was happy and i didn't want to spoil anything, but i took the bull by the horns and brought home little Sophie and never looked back

Heres a link to a thread i made about them, but your doing the right thing because they'll be good company for each other

It's already been mentioned but always put your resident cat first when it comes to feeding, treats, scritches etc...
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Your link almost brought tears to my eyes. They are so sweet together and I truly hope that is how it goes with my two kiddies.
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Just take each day as it comes and they'll get there. I was lucky, Rosie only took two weeks but with some it can be longer, but like i said in the link never give up them

Rosie did exactly what Blu did by growling at Sophie but never touched her apart from when Sophie wanted to play she'd bop her on the head to let her know not to get too smart and Sophie would crouch down beside her just looking up at her.

I would tell Rosie that it was naughty, but was told from a member here not to say anything like that to her because she was just letting Sophie know that " she " was the alpha cat of the house, not the small fry!
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From what you've said about the introduction, I think it might take them some pissy-fighting to determine dominance, but they will work it out and it will be fine.

In fact, I sort of always felt differently. I felt guilty if there was only one cat in the house. This way I can go without feeling like I'm leaving my guy alone for a few hours. And eventually they love each otherand it's just more love in a bigger family.

I even foster, and it seems my guys are welcoming and bring them in. I just make sure they all get attention.
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We got Duke from the animal shelter at 10 weeks old he was adorable and lived with us for over a year befor we got Sibohan. Sibohan had been a mother and after her kittens were weened she was put up for adoption at the same shelter. (they are not related) Sibohan treats Duke like one of her kittens and Duke just loves it. I wouldn't feel guilty, cats adjust. If Blu was a senior citizen maybe not but i'm sure she will like having a playmate.
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