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Mr. Lonely?

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Last week I lost Pumpkin after a six year long battle with diabetes. She was 13. When diagnosed, the doctor said she'd probably last a year but we had far more good time together than that. Although there were several close calls over the years when she went into deep diabetic shock, she was doing really well most of the time. She and my other cat, Lazarus, came into the house just one day apart and except for a few nights apart due to overnights at the vet, were never separated for all those years.

Now that she's gone, he seems to miss her terribly. The first two nights he cried continually all night, howling and moaning. He's a Snowshoe and the Siamese in him shows in his cry - kinda baby-like rather than a meow. I can't let him loose in the house at night or he'll eat all the houseplants and then throw up, so he stays in the library when I'm not at home. (I took out the carpeting and put down a vinyl floor in there due to Pumpkin not always making it to the litter box.) He has toys, his food and water, and plenty of windows to watch the world from. He's also firmly bonded to me and won't leave my side from the moment I get home until I put him in for the night when I head to bed.

I feel it's too soon to get another kitten, at least for me so soon after losing Pumpkin. Also, I have a new baby on the way in a few weeks and have plenty of other things to take care of right now.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can help him get through this? Will he eventually calm down? He's fine as long as he's with me but as soon as I leave him, the starts. He's getting lots of extra attention, brushing and play time as much as I can, but at some point each night I do need to go to bed.
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My condolences on the loss of Pumpkin. It hurts so much to lose one of our furry family members. And, it must be doubly difficult since Lazarus is grieving so strongly.

I don't have any advice, but I know this topic has been discussed by others. I'll do a quick search and see if I can come up with some ideas to help you out.

By the way, congratulations on the uncoming birth of your baby!
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Here is what Hissy, our resident cat expert says to do:

Put him on your lap, look into his eyes and tell him what happened. Belive it or not, it will help get him through the grief process easier. Do not wipe out all traces of Pumpkin's scent- her bed, her toys, his bowls, let him have everything that she had, so he can let go easier.

Wait awhile before getting another cat (if indeed this is your thinking). He will look at the newcomer as the one who took Pumpkin from him and you will have battles.

Give him time to grieve, just like you and yours need time to grieve. Make sure you spend time with him, quality time with him, quiet time, playtime. Watch him to be sure that he eats, grieving cats often stop eating and that is a real danger.
I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the input. It's hard for all of us right now and I am trying to give him the extra attention he craves. I had him in the nursery with me while I was painting today and he was talking almost the entire time. (Yes, the windows *were* open for both of us.) He's crying downstairs now and sounds so pitiful. I'll give him a snack before going to bed as I know he always sleeps for awhile after eating, so maybe we can both get some rest tonight.
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It sounds to me as if you are doing things right with Lazarus. Hopefully he just needs a little more time to work through his grief.
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Originally Posted by LazKat
I had him in the nursery with me while I was painting today and he was talking almost the entire time. He's crying downstairs now and sounds so pitiful.
Poor baby are you talking back to him as well?. When Rosie talks to me like that i talk back even if it's just something like " Did you really, then what happend?".

Give him some extra scritches from us as well
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