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I did a good deed today

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I was walking through the East Village in NY and saw a little black kitty wearing a collar with his address.
So I found his home and brought him to his owner who was very grateful - apparently the sneaky cat escapes a lot.
And the streets of NY are no place for a sweet little kitty!
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Wow nice of you!!!
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That was so nice of you!!! I would've done the same thing! It's amazing how many people probably walked right by that kitty and didn't wanna notice it! All you have to do is lose a pet as a child...I can remember when my cat got out when I was like 9...we made posters, went to neighbors, everything...I cried myself to sleep over her. We did find her, but she got the taste of the outdoors and tried to run for it everytime the door opened! Good job abnihon!!!! Way to go!!!
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Thank GOD that you found that sweet little kitty before someone's car tires did!
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good job. I am glad you found him before something horrible happened.
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That is so wonderful! How long had she been missing, or do u know? I would of done the same thing, wouldnt of wanted anything to happen to the poor baby.
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That was defiantly a good deed
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Good on you! I'm so glad there are people like you in the world who look after the little ones.
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That's awesome!
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Wow! Good for you! I know I would have been so happy if you found one of my cats.
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Thats a really kind thing to do

I bet the owners were really pleased
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