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Just another pic of our boy Peppurr
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Peppurr looks so playful!

But I'm surprised by Majesty. I didn't think Bengals looked that much like regular tabbies. Am I missing something? I'm confused, not putting your baby down or anything. I happen to adore tabbies.
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She's a snow bengal crossed with a brown marbled bengal. Here's a pic of her markings from the side view

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Peppurr is really playful!!
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Thanks for posting more pictures.

I can see how different her markings are from the side, that M over her nose is what threw me!
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Peppurr is very cute. Love those little socks on him.

Majesty has beautiful markings, too.
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I want Pepurr!! He's gorgeous. I have been worried about Majesty ever since you first got him. I even went to the Bengal site, to check out the markings. I was afraid you might have bought a very expensive Tabby! Bengals cost on the average, about $800, so I thought I should, but I ended up asking someone more knowledgable than I. I never heard anything from her, so I assumed all was ok.
I paid quite a bit of money for a collie mix that the owner actually had papers for!! It can happen if we don't look around a lot, and get well educated on purebreds.
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Your babies are so beautiful. I love the coloring on Majesty. I had a cat who had similar markings, but she had blue eyes, I think a Siamese met a tabby.

Peppurr has such intense eyes, like most black cats.
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We didn't pay anything for Majy. Her owner was giving away his retired breeding studs and queens. As far as I know Majy only had 1 litter I've never seen a bengal like her either...
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You are one lucky lady!!!
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Your cats are very beautiful.
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We found a Bengal website with Queens that look just like Majy. Here's a couple of pictures from the site Bengal Haven

This is Anni


Mary Margaret

As you can see there is a great resemblance between Majy and these Queens. Click on the link to learn more about these beautiful Bengals.
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Their markings are really distinctive, aren't they? I'm really glad you were that fortunate. I was worried because of what happened to me years ago. I took my pup to a dog show because his pedigree was full of champions and, as I told you, he was a collie mix. He was registered; would you believe it? Please excuse my ignorance. I just hadn't seen one with those markings before.
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Both are gorgeous and look very content!
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Jeanie, I hadn't seen one with those markings either, until we got Majy
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Great pics! They all look beautiful.
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Vader - your babes are magnificant....I enjoyed looking at them
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I guess I should be posting this on the breeders board, but since you were talking about where Majesty came from it brought something to mind. Are all breeders heartless idiots who just use cats to make money and then give them away like yesterday's newspaper? I'm glad you got Majesty because now she'll have a good, permanent home. Your black baby with those white boots is too much, give him a squeeze for me!

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Vader- Your cats are beautiful.

BTW I love the wallpaper/screen behind majesty in the second posting of pictures.

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The wallpaper is from the 1960's.
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